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Medea Benjamin: The Hawks Who Want War With Iran Are Working Overtime

Please Help ZNet       Source: Jacobin Just as talks between the US and Iran were taking place last week in Vienna, a cyberattack was carried out on Iran’s Natanz nuclear facility. Reports are that the Mossad, Israel’s intelligence agency, was behind the attack that blacked out the facility just one day after Tehran Read more…

Richard Falk: How Significant is the Comprehensive Strategic Partnership between China and Iran

The agreement configured to be worth at least $400 billion, promises significant mutual benefit to both countries

Juan Cole: Is Israel’s Netanyahu trying to derail Biden talks and Escape Jail?

The BBC reports that a power outage and consequent explosion at the Natanz nuclear enrichment site in Iran on Sunday is being blamed by Iranian officials on sabotage

Tyler Cullis: For true JCPOA re-entry, Biden must tear down this sanctions wall

Trump’s sanctions will have to go if the Biden administration intends to have any policy success with respect to Iran

Juan Cole: How to understand Indirect US-Iran Nuclear Talks

The US exaggerates the degree to which Iran is out of compliance with the JCPOA. It hasn’t militarized its civilian nuclear enrichment program in any way

Noam Chomsky: Biden’s Foreign Policy Is Largely Indistinguishable From Trump’s

U.S. policy might help create a more serious challenge by confrontational and hostile acts that drive Russia and China closer together in reaction

Noam Chomsky: Class Struggle or Get it in the Neck, Part 2

Photo by Adham Ayesh/Shutterstock   David Barsamian: Let’s talk about historical memory. The 75th anniversary of the Nuremberg Tribunal for high ranking Nazis was just marked. Robert Jackson, the chief U.S. prosecutor and Supreme Court Justice, said, “We must never forget that the record on which we judge these defendants is the record on which Read more…

Phyllis Bennis: US Bombing in Syria Illegal; Biden Should Rejoin Iran Agreement Now

The bombing of Syria was a violation of U.S. and International law. It was the U.S. that violated the nuclear deal with Iran and Biden should rejoin the agreement without new conditions

Gary Leupp: Biden Acts with Impunity (to Send Iran a Message, by Attacking Iraqis in Syria)

On 2/25 Biden attacked three countries simultaneously to remind them that the U.S. “does not distinguish” between its Muslim foes but conflates Persians with Arabs, Sunnis and Shiites, terrorists and anti-terrorist militia

Trita Parsi: Biden “Illegally” Bombs Iranian-Backed Militias in Syria

Jeopardizes Nuclear Talks with Tehran

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