Category: Iran

Trita Parsi: Biden “Illegally” Bombs Iranian-Backed Militias in Syria

Jeopardizes Nuclear Talks with Tehran

Juan Cole: Biden’s Double Standards

Iranian Civilians under severe US Sanctions but not accused Saudi Murderer Bin Salman

Medea Benjamin: Is Biden Committing Diplomatic Suicide Over the Iran Nuclear Agreement?

Can Biden’s America be part of the solution? After only three weeks in office, surely it can’t be too late. But the ball is in his court, and the whole world is watching

Richard Falk: Iran’s Islamic Republic Celebrates its 42nd Anniversary

I believe it is correct that the failure of the United States to overcome Iranian resistance to its destabilization and counterrevolutionary efforts is viewed as one dimension of American imperial decline

Behrooz Ghamari Tabrizi: Biden and Iran

Last week’s statements by the Biden appointees made the matter unnecessarily more complicated, sounding more like a continuation of the Trump policy rather than its refutation

Medea Benjamin: Rob Malley for Iran Envoy: A Test Case for Biden’s Commitment to Diplomacy

eace-loving Americans should shore up Biden’s resolve by supporting Malley’s appointment

Ardeshir Mehrdad: Iran: Three waves of urban protest, 1992-2019

The sufficient condition for success is the ability to move beyond divisions and cracks

Juan Cole: Biden’s own Moderates and Hardliners Battle it Out on reviving Iran Nuclear Deal

Two and a half days into the Biden administration, it is already clear that the Problem of Iran is going to loom large over its foreign policy

Daniel Ellsberg: Donald Trump’s parting gift to the world? It may be war with Iran

I will always regret that I did not do more to stop war with Vietnam. Now, I am calling on whistleblowers to step up and expose Trump’s plans

Richard Falk: State Terrorism: Remembering General Soleimani

It is finally possible that energy geopolitics will also exert an influence over how relations with Iran evolve

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