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Juan Cole: Trump Bruited Strike on Iran Civilian Nuclear Facilities

In a meeting with his senior advisers, Trump abruptly asked them if there were options for a US strike on Iran’s civilian nuclear enrichment facilities

Rohollah Faghihi: Millions of Iranians at risk as US sanctions choke insulin supplies

New penalties have seen the diabetic treatment disappear from Iran’s pharmacies and black market

Phyllis Bennis: AsTrump Aims Fresh US Aggression at Iran, How Many Surprises Can This October Hold?

This latest not-so-shocking surprise is actually incredibly dangerous and reckless for the future as well as incredibly cruel, heartless, indeed sadistic right now

Juan Cole: Russia tells Trump to Jump in Lake

Commits 80,000 Personnel to War drill alongside Iran, China

Juan Cole: As Trump and Iran square off on Venezuela Oil Shipments, will US Go full Pirate of the Gulf?

The purpose would be to ramp up US patriotism ahead of the November election and attempt to get the US public on Trump’s side as a war president

Juan Cole: Trump walks Alone

Former US Allies Britain, France, Germany join Russia and China in Forcefully Rejecting Trump Iran Sanctions

Juan Cole: U.S. “Isolated”

US Regime must learn from its Humiliation at UN, as Trump rejects Putin Plan

Bob Dreyfuss: October Surprise

Will War with Iran Be Trump’s Election Eve Shocker?

Juan Cole: Iran’s Khamenei: Not going to help Trump get Reelected by Negotiating

Khamenei said that even if Iran met all of Washington’s demands, that would just encourage the insatiable American elite to start making new demands

Sina Toossi: The Beginning of the U.S.-Iran Hot War?

President Trump remains committed to escalating against Iran even as the U.S. battles a worsening pandemic, an economic depression, and internal discord not seen in decades

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