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Juan Cole: Trump failed on Coronavirus, now wants to “shoot down” tiny Iranian Skiffs

I doubt that Trump’s tweet will last longer than his memory of calling the coronavirus a hoax has. He’s just seeing if he can get a rise from his base by … acting like a scoundrel.

Marjorie Cohn: Intensifying Sanctions on Iran and Venezuela, Trump Is Weaponizing Coronavirus

As the entire world grapples with the most devastating pandemic of the modern era, the United States is pouring kerosene on the fire in Iran and Venezuela

Robert Fisk: Biden Says He ‘Doesn’t Have Enough Information’ on Iran to Have a View

How Odd, He Negotiated the Nuclear Deal

Richard Eskow: Iran Sanctions Are Biological Warfare Against Civilians

This is not an economic policy. It is the collective punishment of civilians. It is an act of biological warfare against children, the elderly, and people of all ages

Steve Ellner: Why The Mainstream Media Suggests Lifting Sanctions Against Iran While Not Saying Anything About Venezuela 

No other country in the world is being subjected to the type of regime change strategy that the Trump administration is applying to Venezuela

Juan Cole: Threatening Iran

Mired in Incompetence on Covid-19 at Home, Trump Tests Wagging the Dog

Juan Cole: ran Covid-19 Deaths Rival US as Trump Blockade blocks Medical Supplies

The European Union has activated the Instex trading mechanism for the purpose of sending medicine and medical supplies to Iran to fight the coronavirus outbreak

George Capaccio: The Virus of Sanctions: Flattening the Curve

If ever there were an opportunity for people to recognize each other’s humanity and cast aside their mutual fears and antagonisms, now is that opportunity when everyone is facing the same life-threatening disease

Reese Erlich: In a Plague Year, Trump Ratchets up Tensions with Iran and Iraq

Trump can continue his “maximum pressure campaign” against Iran and face continued Iraqi attacks on US troops. Or he can back off to focus on domestic concerns and avoid a wider war

Joe Emersberger: Media Struggle to Defend Washington’s Cruelty

U.S sanctions toward Venezuela and Iran continue as Coronavirus Spreads

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