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Vijay Prashad: America Recedes from Dominance in Afghanistan and Iraq

A women’s rights advocate and the journalist who threw his shoe at George W. Bush are among the leaders defining Iraq’s political future

Patrick Cockburn: US and Iran battle for influence in Iraq election

Any Iraqi leader will seek to maintain good relations with both Washington and Tehran

Juan Cole: Trump Warmonger Moves on Iran are from Iraq Playbook

The charge against social media today that it reinforces extremism by its algorithms could be equally well laid against elements of the US press throughout history

Juan Cole: Iraq on Syria Strikes

We’ve seen this Movie and it doesn’t End Well

Cathy Breen: Who Calls Anyone Civilized?

Naomi Shihab Nye is a poet and professor of Creative Writing at Texas State.  Her father was Palestinian and a refugee journalist. In one of her poems after 9/11, entitled “Blood,” she writes: I call my father, we talk around the news. It is too much for him, neither of his two languages can reach Read more…

Patrick Cockburn: Isis not a global force

Isis is far less important than it was three years ago, even if it can still inspire atrocities geared to produce maximum publicity

Medea Benjamin: The Iraq Death Toll 15 Years After the US Invasion

As we begin the 16th year of the Iraq war, the American public must come to terms with the scale of the violence and chaos we have unleashed in Iraq

Juan Cole: US won’t give Iraq a Dime for Reconstruction

In an exclusive, Reuters reports today that the Trump administration is going into the Iraq reconstruction conference in Kuwait next week with no plans to contribute a dime to the effort. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson will attend. Iraqi Prime Minister Haydar al-Abadi estimates that Iraq needs $100 billion to rebuild. The country is still Read more…

Lawrence Wilkerson: On Iran, Trump Following Iraq War Playbook

Trump is following a similar path on Iran — with the main difference being that the outcome now could “be significantly worse”

Patrick Cockburn: Greatest threat to peace in Iraq

Donald Trump picking a fight with Iran

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