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Patrick Cockburn: The world’s lack of outrage

Civillians in the city faced a Catch-22: told by US-led Coalition forces to get away from Isis positions before they were shelled; yet threatened with execution by Isis if they tried to escape

Patrick Cockburn: More than just revenge

Why Isis fighters are being thrown off buildings in Mosul

Vijay Prashad: Crushing Wars in Syria and Iraq

‘Our City Is in Ruins’

Patrick Cockburn: Cost of massive airstrike campaign

Many bodies are still buried in the rubble with parts of Mosul inaccessible thanks to streets choked with debris

Tom Engelhardt: Mosul on My Mind

What It Really Means to Be on a “Flattening” Planet

Mustafa Habib: Iraqi Elections infected by Fake News

The latest trend in politics in Iraq involves the creation of seemingly innocuous Facebook pages, that are used to spread rumours and lies about the opposition.

Patrick Cockburn: Dying of Starvation

People trapped in the Old City of Mosul are dying of hunger because they have not received any food for almost three weeks

Patrick Cockburn: Civilians in Western Mosul Shot At

Civilians trying to flee the besieged Isis-held enclave in west Mosul are being shot dead by Isis and Iraqi army snipers as they try to cross the Tigris River

Evan Sandlin: A Crime Against Humanity?

When U.S. rivals committed atrocities in Aleppo, Western talking heads were appalled. But when the U.S. supports them in Mosul? Silence

Danny Sjursen: The Surge Delusion

An Iraq War Anniversary to Forget

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