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Juan Cole: US won’t give Iraq a Dime for Reconstruction

In an exclusive, Reuters reports today that the Trump administration is going into the Iraq reconstruction conference in Kuwait next week with no plans to contribute a dime to the effort. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson will attend. Iraqi Prime Minister Haydar al-Abadi estimates that Iraq needs $100 billion to rebuild. The country is still Read more…

Lawrence Wilkerson: On Iran, Trump Following Iraq War Playbook

Trump is following a similar path on Iran — with the main difference being that the outcome now could “be significantly worse”

Patrick Cockburn: Greatest threat to peace in Iraq

Donald Trump picking a fight with Iran

Patrick Cockburn: Iraq ending Kurdistan semi-independent rule

These administrative changes do not sound dramatic, but they effectively end the semi-independence of the Iraqi Kurds which they had built up over the past 26 years

Patrick Cockburn: 40 years of war

There is a growing mood of self-confidence in Baghdad which I have not seen here since I first visited Iraq in 1977

Histyar Qader: Youtube, Facebook & Kurdish-Shiite Tensions

After clashes in northern Iraq this week, hundreds of fake pictures have flooded Iraqi social media. Some are real, some not, but leaders on both sides say it’s leading to a dangerous escalation of tensions. Given the partisan nature of much of the media funding in Iraq, there’s always been a fair amount of fake Read more…

Patrick Cockburn: Iraq seizes Kirkuk from Kurds

Century-old movement for Kurdish independence suffers a calamitous defeat as military reaction to referendum leads to fall of city

Patrick Cockburn: The Iraqi Invasion​ of Kirkuk

The Iraqi military quickly conquered the oil-rich area of Kirkuk in an effort to block Kurdish statehood. But why didn’t Kurdish forces put up more of a fight?

Juan Cole: Why Baghdad took Kirkuk

The Iraqi Army and its Shiite militia adjuncts have taken Kirkuk city and raised the Iraqi flag over the state house, taking down the Kurdistan flag

Vijay Prashad: Iraqi Kurdistan: A Regional Flashpoint

Why Iraq and its neighbors are so concerned about the Kurdish independence referendum that took place on Sept. 25

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