Category: Iraq

Richard Falk: Acting Beyond the State

Toward a cosmopolitan awakening?

Zain Mohammed: Two Iraqi Peace Activists Confront a Trumpian World

As the Trump Administration Weighs War, Iraqis Prepare a Carnival for Peace

Juan Cole: Could US-Iran Conflict Tear Iraq Apart Again?

The rising tensions between the Trump administration and Iran have the potential to roil the entire Middle East, and no country feels the heat more than Iraq

Juan Cole: Pompeo Pressures Iraq to join Press against Iran

Iraq declines

Juan Cole: Calls to Expel US Troops from Iraq

Trump’s assertion that he intends to keep US troops in Iraq to spy on Iran has produced a firestorm of protest and controversy in Baghdad

Patrick Cockburn: After Four Decades of Chaos is Iraq Finally Stabilizing?

All Iraqi governments are, to a greater or lesser extent, fragile because of religious and ethnic differences, but the new government is a sign that Iraq is stabilising after four decades of violence and division

Patrick Cockburn: Haider al-Abadi is losing his grip on power

Prime Minister Abadi has been left with little choice but to leave his post, but it is likely to mean little in a system that favors political stalemate

David Bacon: Iraq’s Oil Union Defends Protesters

Iraq’s trade unions, especially the oil workers, have played a central role in organizing the demonstrations

Ibrahim Saleh: Water Wars

Multi-Billion Dollar Budget Needed To Keep Iraq’s Water Flowing

Immanuel Wallerstein: Sadrist Victory in Iraq: Victory for Whom?

On May 12, 2018, Muqtada al-Sadr’s list unexpectedly won a plurality in the Iraqi legislative elections

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