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Denis Pilash: Ukrainian Historian Says Putin’s Invasion Is an Imperialist War Akin to U.S. Attack on Iraq

I think that it’s really the same crime of military aggressions that was done by numerous other governments and other imperialists

Laura Flanders: War is ‘Til We Stop It for Maria and Manar

Thirty years on, as we watch another wrecking, another invasion, another horror, do we choose to remember or do we choose to forget? 

Shagul Othman: Understanding the student protests in Iraqi Kurdistan

Countless student protesters took to the streets of Iraqi Kurdistan to demand better living conditions and denounce political corruption among the ruling elites

Peter Maass: Colin Powell Was a Nice Man Who Helped Destroy Iraq

As secretary of state in 2003, Powell lied at the United Nations about Iraq having weapons of mass destruction

Ruth Igielnik: Majorities of U.S. veterans, public say wars in Iraq and Afghanistan were not worth fighting

Please Help ZNet         Source: Pew Research Nearly 18 years since the start of the war in Afghanistan and 16 years since the U.S. invasion of Iraq, majorities of U.S. military veterans say those wars were not worth fighting, according to a new Pew Research Center survey of veterans. A parallel survey Read more…

Walden Bello: September 11 and the Debacle of ‘Nation-Building’ in Iraq and Afghanistan

Nation-building in Afghanistan and Iraq was the resurrection of a doctrine that should have been buried after Vietnam

Meghan Bodette: ​Finishing what ISIS started? Turkey attacks Yezidis in Iraq

As Turkey bombs the Yezidis in Sinjar, it is our duty to mobilize in solidarity against Turkish aggression and in support of the Yezidi pursuit of local autonomy

Medea Benjamin: America’s Afghan War Is Over, So What About Iraq – and Iran?

Let’s hope Biden has learned another history lesson: that the United States should stop invading and attacking other countries

Sarah Glynn: Turkey’s invasion of northern Iraq could lead to Kurdish civil war

Attendees of a recent peace delegation responding to Turkey’s incursions into the Kurdistan Region of Iraq were detained at Erbil airport

Andrew J. Bacevich: “He Was a Disaster”

Ret. Col. Andrew Bacevich on Donald Rumsfeld’s Legacy as Architect of Iraq War

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