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Louis Yako: Seagulls Without a Sea

Days at Internally Displaced Persons Camps in Iraq

Rod Driver: The War Crimes of Bush and Blair – Afghanistan and Iraq

For all practical purposes, Iraq has now been destroyed. It no longer exists as a single country and has disintegrated into regional power bases, with widespread ethnic cleansing in each region

Dahr Jamail: Life in the US Has the Hallmarks of a “Low-Grade War Zone”

Are we going to accept that we have a government that is out to get us?

Joann Wypijewski: ‘Collateral Murder’

The soldiers, on the other hand, unextolled, opposed “the destructive policies of our nation’s leaders” and made a plea for honoring “our common humanity.”

Mike Phipps: Some reflections on Occupied Iraq

The continued Occupation and denial of Iraq’s sovereignty remains a crime

Kevin Martin: Social distancing? Peace and social justice demand more coming together, not more distancing

Let’s get all U.S. troops out of Iraq and Afghanistan, make peace with Iran, and address the real threats to human security like pandemics and the climate crisis

Reese Erlich: In a Plague Year, Trump Ratchets up Tensions with Iran and Iraq

Trump can continue his “maximum pressure campaign” against Iran and face continued Iraqi attacks on US troops. Or he can back off to focus on domestic concerns and avoid a wider war

Medea Benjamin: 12 Ways the U.S. Invasion of Iraq Lives on in Infamy

The U.S. invasion was a crime of aggression under international law, and was actively opposed by people and countries all over the world

Juan Cole: As Trump stumbles on Coronavirus, He Bombs Shiites in Shiite-Ruled Iraq

The Trump administration is now more or less forcibly occupying Iraq against the will of its elected representatives, and is waging a low intensity war on a section of the Iraqi military with which the US is supposed to be allied

Haifa Zangana: The Iraqi uprising is a quantum leap in collective awareness

The uprising, with the courage and sacrifices of its youth, has given the people hope for real change

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