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Michael Albert: Some Thoughts About the Bombings

(1) Does it ring any bells for anyone else that bombing country A may not have anything to do with country A per se, at least in recent times? Once it begins, bombing almost never yields a sought outcome regarding the place bombed (save, of course, when one literally wants to devastate it). It rarely Read more…

Tim Wise: Racism and “Preferential Treatment” by the Numbers

By Tim Wise Association for White Anti-Racist Education (AWARE) Anyone who does political analysis, advocacy or organizing knows that folks on all sides of an issue have "numbers." Trotting out statistics to prove one’s point about something is a well-accepted practice, and yet rarely do we stop to think about what certain numbers mean: be Read more…

Rick Mcdowell: Economic Sanctions on Iraq

Seven years of the most comprehensive sanctions in modern history have reduced Iraq and its people to utter destitution. United Nation Security Council’s economic sanctions, invoked only ten times since the inception of the United Nations, and applied eight times since the end of the Cold War, constitute an extension of the devastating allied bombing Read more…

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