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Murtaza Hussain: The Trump Administration Just Killed Iran’s Most Famous Military Commander

We’re Not Ready for What’s Next

Juan Cole: Trump Unites Iran and Iraq . . . against the United States

As is always the way with Western colonialists, Trump administration figures such as secretary of state Mike Pompeo gave it out on Friday that the people of Iran are dying for the United States to invade and occupy them, and are just tickled pick that the US assassinated Gen. Qasem Soleimani

Reese Erlich: What’s really going on with the US and Iran?

Interview on Trump’s drone attack that killed a popular Iranian general

Ali Abunimah: Why Trump is escalating the US-Israeli war on Iran

Understanding this perverted logic is essential to seeing why the US and Israel appear so determined to pursue conflict with Iran no matter the human cost

Justin Podur: On the Soleimani Assassination and preventing World War Three

A talk on the assassination of Iranian general Qasem Suleimani in Iraq, about who he was, why this moment is so dangerous, and what the principles of an antiwar movement should be

Medea Benjamin: A New Year and a New Trump Foreign Policy Blunder in Iraq

It’s a new year, and the U.S. has found a new enemy—an Iraqi militia called Kata’ib Hezbollah. How tragically predictable was that?

Juan Cole: Pompeo Slashed Security Funding, Took no Preventive Steps in wake of US Airstrikes

An Iranian spokesperson made fun of Trump, saying it was rich for the US to blame Iran for an Iraqi reaction to being attacked by the US.

Juan Cole: Iraqi PM ‘Categorically Rejects’ Trump Admin. Strikes

My guess is that the Iraqi parliament will at some point in the coming year kick US troops out of Iraq as a result of these strikes on a component of that parliament

Valentina Tamborra: Young Iraqis are hungry for a revolution, at all costs

The average age of the demonstrators is between 15 and 25, but even younger children have made their voices heard in the squares of Nassiriya

Patrick Cockburn: Resignation will not automatically stop mass uprising

The departure of Adel Abdul-Mahdi as prime minister is unlikely to defuse the protests, because the Iraqi state is probably incapable of reforming itself

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