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Hadas Thier: No, DSA Shouldn’t Expel Rep. Jamaal Bowman

New York congressperson Jamaal Bowman has made a number of wrong decisions on Israel-Palestine. But socialists should criticize those errors without driving him away from the Palestine liberation movement and the Left

Ramzy Baroud: Israel’s Strategy of Silencing Human Rights Defenders

Raids, Arrests and Death Threats

Gideon Levy: A Brief History of Killing Children

Now is the worst phase of all: We’ve started to extol the killers of children. That’s how far we’ve gone

Zeyu Wang: F&M Students Express Support for Intellectual Freedom

We unconditionally uphold the value of freedom of speech and condemn foreign intervention with an explicit agenda from Israel

Mel Gurtov: Israel’s new leadership offers nothing new to Palestinians

To all intents and purposes, Israeli policy on Palestine amounts to Netanyahu-ism without Netanyahu

Marjorie Cohn: Absent Any Proof, Israel Designates Palestinian Rights Groups “Terrorist”

In an effort to cut off the financial lifelines of six of the most prominent Palestinian human rights groups, the state of Israel has baselessly designated them as “terrorist” organizations

Ramzy Baroud: The West’s Role in Israel’s Illegal Settlement Expansion

The truth is that a thousand or a million more statements by western governments will not end the Israeli occupation

Amira Hass: I Fund Terror Groups

If by “terrorism” one means imposing terror and fear – then what are the commanders in the army and Shin Bet security service doing when they send masked soldiers to raid the homes of Palestinians night after night?

Ramzy Baroud: Has Biden Proved Different from Trump on Palestine?

The Biden Administration is proving to be but a soft facade to the same policies enacted by the Trump Administration

Isaac Scher: AFL-CIO leadership tries to block affiliate’s vote on endorsing BDS

AFL-CIO leadership cited a procedural rule to tell the San Francisco Labor Council it couldn’t even debate a resolution on BDS

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