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Ali Abunimah: Spectacular defeat for Israel lobby at Labour Party conference

In a spectacular defeat for the Israel lobby, delegates to Britain’s Labour Party conference overwhelmingly passed a resolution on Monday condemning the “ongoing Nakba in Palestine.

Richard Falk: Iron Dome Subsidy

It is time to abandon dismissing Palestinian resistance as ‘terrorism’ and Israeli oppressive dominance as inherently ‘defensive.’

Stephen R. Shalom: Don’t fund Iron Dome

Giving Israel $1 billion in fungible money for a weapon system will only encourage further war crimes

Gershon Baskin: Israeli-Palestinian conflict: The questions to be answered at the table

The reality is that as the non-viability of a two-state solution becomes increasingly clear, we will all have to become a lot more serious in the collective search for other solutions

Nadya Tannous: Restricting US Military Aid to Israel in the Age of Normalization

The tide is clearly shifting in the US

Lois Pearlman: Congresswoman Barbara Lee Drops Out of “Peacemaker” Award Ceremony

A northern California peace organization has inscribed the name of Rep. Barbara Lee (D-CA) on its “peacemaker” wall despite objections by Palestinian activists

Gershon Baskin: Build housing projects with 50/50 Jewish, Palestinian residents

There are whole neighborhoods in Israel designated for these specific identity groups

Ramzy Baroud: How Many More Palestinians Must Die for Israel’s ‘Security’?

Far more bewildering is the international community’s apathy while Israelis debate about how many more Palestinians ought to be killed

Shahar Perets: ‘I Don’t Want to Wear a Uniform That Symbolizes Violence and Pain’

Shahar Perets, who was sentenced to prison for refusing to join the Israeli army, talks about meeting Palestinians for the first time, her visits to the West Bank, and how Israeli society represses the occupation

Jonathan Hempel: Organizing against militarism from Israel to Europe

The EU has invested billions in Israeli arms companies to further militarize its border agency Frontex. Building a global antimilitarist movement is essential

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