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Suzanne Adely: Bottom-Up Labor Solidarity for Palestine Is Growing

While still at the margins, this unprecedented and rapidly-expanding worker-based Palestine solidarity has the potential to finally break Zionism’s century-long stranglehold on U.S. labor

Gershon Baskin: Can Zionism and Palestinian nationalism live together?

At the root of this conflict has been a majority of people on both sides demand for the right to attain a territorial expression of their collective identity

Ramzy Baroud: Palestine’s Africa Dichotomy: Is Israel Really ‘Winning’ Africa?

Why is Israel so keen on penetrating Africa? What made African countries finally succumb to Israeli pressure and lobbying?

Richard Falk: Demonizing Durban

It is no longer plausible to contend that associating Israeli treatment of the Palestinian people as antisemitic

Ramzy Baroud: The Quiet Rebellion

Why US Jews Turning against Israel is Good for Palestinians  

Gershon Baskin: If no more two-state solution, then what?

What we need to do now is to begin to change our mindset and understand that we can live together and we can learn to share this land

Marjorie Cohn: Israel Lashes Out at Ben & Jerry’s

“As Jewish supporters of the State of Israel, we fundamentally reject the notion that it is anti-Semitic to question the policies of the State of Israel.” – Ben and Jerry

Iman Ganji: Protesting settler colonialism in the neoliberal university

When Dutch art students wanted to show solidarity with Palestine, their school attempted to silence them. Students resisted with artistic forms of protest

Brett Wilkins: Palestinians Refuse to Concede Land Rights to Israelis

“The minute we pay rent for our homes, it means we have given up ownership,” said one woman who could be expelled to make way for Jewish settlers

Ramzy Baroud: The Politics of Cheering and Booing

On Palestine, Solidarity and the Tokyo Olympics

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