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Juan Cole: US Double Standard

Russia Sanctioned for Ukraine Occupation, but 4,000 new Israeli invaders of Palestinian West Bank merely “Opposed”

Ramzy Baroud: By redefining UNRWA, Washington destroys foundation for a Just peace in Palestine

If Palestinian refugees are removed from the list of political priorities concerning the future of a just peace in Palestine, neither justice nor peace can possibly be attained

Murtaza Hussain: Palestinian Poem Sets Off Antisemitism Fight at Georgetown

The ADL is leading a charge to cancel a 23-year-old Palestinian activist for a line of poetry it claims echoes a medieval antisemitic trope

M.K. Bhadrakumar: The U.S. Recruits Israel Against Russia

Please Help ZNet             Source: Globetrotter For more than one reason, U.S. President Joe Biden’s call with Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett on April 24 is hugely consequential. This has been Biden’s second phone conversation with Bennett in four weeks. On March 30, Biden called to express his “deepest condolences” Read more…

Jonathan Cook: Israel’s fortress state is the model for the UK’s new asylum policy

In copying an Israeli scheme to ship refugees to Rwanda, Boris Johnson’s government has turned to the world leader in keeping out ‘undesirables’

Ramzy Baroud: Palestine Needs Immediate Attention to Stave off Major Food Crisis

Gaza has been under an Israeli economic blockade for many years, and food that Israel allows to the Strip is rationed and manipulated by Israel as an act of collective punishment

Paul Salvatori: Taking Palestinian Martyrs Seriously

Can we move towards a world, a better one, where being a martyr is no longer necessary?

Yumna Patel: Israel storms Al-Aqsa, beats Palestinian worshipers to make way for Jewish settlers

The raids on the compound on Sunday were the second in 48 hours, and featured heavily armed Israeli police officers beating Palestinians

Lowkey: ‘They Are Trying to Stop Pro-Palestinian Music Being Made’

Rapper and activist Lowkey is facing down a campaign by pro-Israel lobbyists to get his music taken off Spotify

Ramzy Baroud: Gaza’s next crisis might be worse than anything we have ever seen

Unless the international community sits up, takes notice and actually does something about water supplies in the Gaza Strip, the next crisis might be worse than anything we have ever seen

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