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Jonathan Cook: Friedman’s Last Gasp

Thomas Friedman’s recent column in the New York Times reflecting on Israel’s 11-day destruction of Gaza is a showcase for the delusions of liberal Zionism

Aisha Mansour: BDS Gaining Momentum With #BlockTheBoat Actions in Oakland & Seattle

The mobilizations in Seattle and Oakland are part of a coordinated, international #BlockTheBoat campaign that has been taking place across both U.S. coasts, in Canada, South Africa, Lebanon and at European ports

Yves Engler: Canadian Venezuela conference and Liberal hypocrisy

The sanctions have contributed to 100,000 deaths, according to former UN Rapporteur Alfred de Zayas, and massive outward migration

Jon Schwarz: Political System Unites to Condemn Ilhan Omar for Telling the Truth

The frenzied attacks by Republicans and Democrats on the Minnesota representative are about maintaining absolute impunity for the U.S. and Israel

Jake Johnson: ‘The Truth Can’t Be Hidden’

Omar Hits Back at Dems Upset by Critique of US-Israel Atrocities

Ramzy Baroud: How Gaza Dethroned the King of Israel

On the Politics of Victory and Defeat:

Sanjana Karanth: Palestinian Activist Criticizes Attempts To Sanitize Forced Displacement In Sheikh Jarrah

“Just because you can legalize an evil act doesn’t make it any less evil,” Mohammed el-Kurd, who was recently detained, told journalist Mehdi Hasan.

Phyllis Bennis: Four Things to Know About Israel’s New ‘Change Coalition’

The new government — if it takes power at all — is united only around ousting Netanyahu. Here’s what that could mean

Juan Cole: Netanyahu pledges to destroy Biden’s Iran, Settlements Policies

Netanyahu is telling Israelis that Bennett’s will be a “far left government,” even though it has far right parties in it, including that of its head

Sam Klug: ‘We Know Occupation’

Why the Black Lives Matter movement might help shift the conversation about a conflict thousands of miles away

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