Category: Israel/Palestine

Juan Cole: Netanyahu pledges to destroy Biden’s Iran, Settlements Policies

Netanyahu is telling Israelis that Bennett’s will be a “far left government,” even though it has far right parties in it, including that of its head

Sam Klug: ‘We Know Occupation’

Why the Black Lives Matter movement might help shift the conversation about a conflict thousands of miles away

Juan Cole: Was Mark Ruffalo wrong to accuse Israel of Genocide?

The precise characterization is less important than an acknowledgment that it is wrong to keep Palestinians in a condition of statelessness and without basic human rights

Shir Hever: Why Did 72% of Israelis Want Attack on Gaza to Continue?

Interview on the extreme right-wing radicalization of most of the Israeli Jewish population

Juan Cole: Mideast Sisyphus

In Aftermath of Brutal Israeli Bombing, Palestinians in Gaza are Thirsty, in the Dark, and lack Medicine, and Thousands are Homeless

Jeff Schuhrke: U.S. Unions Are Voicing Unprecedented Support for Palestine

While some national labor groups remain silent, union locals across the country are speaking out to defend Palestinians from Israeli aggression

Yves Engler: For Canadian taxpayers, why is Israel still a charity case?

In 2018 alone, registered Canadian charities raised over a quarter billion dollars for Israel-focused projects

Julian Borger: America’s New Generation of Pro-Palestinian Voices

The conversation has to change before the policy can change. And right now we are seeing a radical change in the conversation surrounding Palestine.”

Jeremy Corbyn: “Israel Must End the Siege of Gaza”

Interview on the fight for a Palestine free from occupation and why the Biden administration needs to end its military support for Israel

Ramzy Baroud: Despite massive losses, the Palestinians have altered the course of history

The Palestinians won because, once more, they emerged from the rubble of Israeli bombs as a whole, a nation determined to win its freedom at any cost

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