Category: Kurdistan

Various Contributors: Kurdish Women call for a global women’s movement

Kurdish women call on women around the world to come together to build a radical movement for women’s liberation

Sean Keller: Agriculture and Autonomy in the Middle East

The government of Rojava is democratic and decentralized, with residential communes and local councils giving people autonomy and control over decisions that affect their lives

Cathy Breen: Stories by the Fire

The families behind curtains like these, in camps, or in repurposed or unfinished buildings, have for the time a desperately welcomed measure of security

Güney Işıkara: Turkey’s Decisive Year

Chaos, violence, and authoritarian rule reign in Turkey. Is there any opening for the Kurdish liberation movement?

Janet Biehl: The Flowers of Rojava: A Feminist Revolution in Northern Syria

A talk on the transformation of women’s roles in Rojava as a result of the formation of women’s academies and the revolution’s encouragement of women to become equal participants in all spheres of life

Bruno Jäntti: On Racism, Patriarchy and Corruption in Iraqi Kurdistan

When working in Iraqi Kurdistan, I was struck by the prevalence of regressive attitudes, including racism and sexism

Janet Biehl: Thoughts on Rojava

Full of admiration, but not without critique: Janet Biehl shares some of her ideas on the Rojava revolution after her recent visits to the region

Preeti Kaur: Revolution in Rojava: Democratic Confederalism, Gender justice, and Ecology

As a result of these new principles of justice, and new alternative conflict resolution commitments, women and girls are not automatically blamed

Dilar Dirik: Forget the UN! Meet the Self-Determining Refugees in Kurdistan

Rejecting the victim narrative, PKK-supported refugee camps in Kurdistan have taken control of their fates by creating their own autonomous system

Janet Biehl: Liberated learning in Rojava

The new women’s science of jineolojî and the revolutionary transformation of education in Rojava, western Kurdistan

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