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more than they would label it a terrorist state or sponsor of terror, no matter how close the fit. If a country is sufficiently powerful, it naturally assumes the role of global policeman, and as such it designates who are terrorists and rogues. This role is accepted and internalized not only by its own media, Read more…

Wayne Grytting: Newspeak

corporations, their work is inevitably compromised. Just the opposite was demonstrated by attorney Gary Reback at a conference on Microsoft sponsored by Ralph Nader. Recently the Gates monolith bought out Funk & Wagnell’s Encyclopedia to use for their on-line "Encarta" version. Funk and Wagnell’s originally had an entry on none other than Bill Gates himself, Read more…

Noam Chomsky: The Passion for Free Markets

  For more than half a century, the United Nations has been the main forum for the United States to try to create a world in its image, maneuvering with its allies to forge global accords about human rights, nuclear tests or the environment that Washington insisted would mirror its own values." So runs postwar Read more…

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