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Wafaa Aludaini: We Are the Children of Gaza: The Poet, the Fashionista and the Footballer

In Gaza, we have two enemies: the coronavirus and the Israeli occupation

Juan Cole: Saudi Arabia, World’s Last Absolute Monarchy, Challenged by New Democratic Political Party

“There would be an end of everything,” Montesquieu said of absolute monarchy and the erasure of the separation of powers. That is what the Saudis have, and what Trump is working toward.

Richard Falk: UAE/Bahrain Normalization: Peace or Geopolitics?

I think the willingness to endorse these normalization agreements in the White House setting was a dramatic expression of identification with Trump’s regional diplomacy in the Middle East and a formalized repudiation of Palestinian aspirations for a sustainable peace

Arzu Geybullayeva: In Turkey, women rise up to stop withdrawal from the Istanbul Convention

The Istanbul Convention is a Council of Europe treaty designed to prevent violence against women

Juan Cole: Russia tells Trump to Jump in Lake

Commits 80,000 Personnel to War drill alongside Iran, China

Ramzy Baroud: Palestinians Are Not Numbers: On the Future of the Palestinian Discourse

A single chart, or a thousand, can never truly describe the actual terror felt by a million children who feared for their lives during those horrific days

Nora Barrows-friedman: YouTube, Zoom and Facebook censor Leila Khaled for Israel

“They are bothered by the ways in which we are focusing on questions of Black liberation, Palestinian liberation and prison abolition, and the connections between these movements”

Andrea Prasow: U.S. War Crimes in Yemen: Stop Looking the Other Way

The State Department warned for years that the U.S. was complicit in war crimes in Yemen. No one put a stop to it.

Wafa Aludaini: We Are the Children of Gaza: The Poet, the Fashionista and the Footballer

The inevitable has finally happened, and the coronavirus pandemic is now ravaging the besieged Gaza Strip

Dahr Jamail: Life in the US Has the Hallmarks of a “Low-Grade War Zone”

Are we going to accept that we have a government that is out to get us?

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