Category: Middle East

Ramzy Baroud: Why Israel Fears the Nakba

How Memory Became Palestine’s Greatest Weapon

Juan Cole: The End of the Oslo Accords

Palestinians pull out of Agreements in face of Netanyahu’s Sudetenland Moment

Ramzy Baroud: ICC Investigation of War Crimes in Occupied Palestine

Fatou Bensouda, Chief Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court (ICC), has, once and for all, settled the doubts on the Court’s jurisdiction to investigate war crimes committed in occupied Palestine.

Juan Cole: Fundamentalist Pandemics

What Evangelicals Could Learn From The Rubáiyát of Omar Khayyam

Richard Falk: Gangster Geopolitics in the Global Jungle

Annexation Tops Israel’s Macabre Dance Card

Romana Rubeo: My Beit Daras, My Nakba

Two Palestinian Intellectuals Reminiscing about Their Destroyed Village

Kathy Kelly: Vigil for Peace in Yemen: A New Norm

U.S. national security leaders and stakeholders in war, as they shelter in place, have an extraordinary opportunity to set a new norm and link with the vigil for Peace in Yemen

Patrick Cockburn: Iraq Will be Hit Harder by Falling Oil Prices Than COVID-19 or ISIS

The prolonged drop in the price of oil brought about by the pandemic will be profoundly destabilizing for the Middle East as a whole

Hatem Bazian: Israel’s Losing Battle: Palestine Advocacy in the University

Israel’s 2012 attack on the Gaza Strip brought about a decisive shift in thinking about Israel

Sarah Sakha: Trump turns on colleges, colleges on human rights

“We know then the main purpose is to curb Palestinian activism and give Israel a continued path to perpetuate their injustices without opposition from Palestinians, Jews or anyone.”

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