Category: Middle East

Gideon Levy: Between Jamal Khashoggi and Shireen Abu Akleh

On the morning of May 11, a journalist was shot to death from a distance, deliberately, almost certainly by IDF soldiers, who will take their crime and their secret with them to their graves

Noam Chomsky: On the Future of Palestine & the Global Fight for Justice

Talk on the one-state solution, the BDS movement, Israeli apartheid and Palestinian resistance

Human rights Watch: Iran: 1988 Mass Executions Evident Crimes Against Humanity

Senior Officials Implicated Should Be Investigated, Fairly Prosecuted

Ramzy Baroud: Palestine’s New Resistance Model

How the Last Year Redefined the Struggle for Palestinian Freedom

Mohammad Makram Balawi: Why does the world allow Israel to continue its oppression of Palestinians?

The world who has been giving the occupation a green light for the past 55 years, condemning the Palestinian victims as they try to defend themselves

Sarah Freeman-Woolpert: The mobilization for Yemen is a powerful model for today’s peace movement

By emphasizing support and solidarity, groups led primarily by Yemeni-American women are building momentum to end the world’s “forgotten war.”

Olivia Katbi: How Unions Are Backing BDS

This divestment resolution lays the groundwork for a new generation of labor rank and file to continue mainstreaming support for Palestine, and to move that support into concrete action

Kerem Schamberger: Turkey’s War Against the Kurds Exposes NATO’s Aggression

For 70 years, Turkey has been a key NATO member — and NATO’s backing for its aggression shows the alliance is no mere defense pact

Dahlia Scheindlin: The New Battle in the Israeli Right’s Relentless War on Palestinians

The West Bank’s Area C represents every layer of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict

Ezra Oliff-Lieberman: AIPAC’s Dangerous New Antidemocratic Project

In the name of supporting Israel, the lobbying group has created a new super PAC that is only too happy to boost candidates that threaten our democracy

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