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Gershon Baskin: Oslo is dead

For Israelis, the Palestinian issue of peace has been off the agenda for many years. For Palestinians, the issue of peace has never seemed further away from their daily reality

Ryan Grim: J Street Facing New Pressure to Back Conditioning Aid to Israel

More than 1,000 former and current members of J Street U are calling on the group’s leadership to get behind a legislative effort to condition funding of the state of Israel if it goes forward with illegally annexing Palestinian territory

Kenneth Surin: UK’s Labour Leader Sacks Most Left-Wing Member of His Shadow Cabinet

At these conferences Minnesota police were instructed in the brutal techniques used by Israeli forces as they coerce and terrorize Palestinians living in the occupied territories under the pretense of security operations

Salena Fay Tramel: Palestinian farmers fight against annexation and pandemic

The violent Israeli encroachment and annexation of Palestinian land is putting the future of the West Bank and its residents in an extremely vulnerable position

Juan Cole: Sanders, AOC, Tlaib Threaten to Cut Israeli Funding

The letter is a turning point in US-Israeli relations since 1967, during which the American public and political elite has been happy to support Israeli colonization of the Palestinians

Ali Abunimah: Pro-Israel racist group ADL moves to co-opt Black Lives Matter

Supporting Israel and Zionism is totally incompatible with any quest for justice. All the slick spin and PR campaigns cannot hide this simple truth: You can’t be an anti-racist racist.

Honaida Ghanim: ‘Annexation has made the Palestinian struggle anti-colonial once again’

While it will be hard to stop annexation, this moment presents an opportunity to bring the struggle back to basics

Russell Vandenbroucke: What Do Americans Know—and Want to Know—about Palestine?

We declared independence to achieve freedom from colonial rule; we still cherish ideals like liberty and justice for all. Palestinians yearn for the same

Dilar Dirik: Unbowed

Turkey is bent on extinguishing a beacon of women’s liberation in northern Syria. But the women of Rojava are not giving up

Medea Benjamin: Will Biden Remain Tone Deaf to Palestinian Rights?

Biden’s unconditional support for Israel’s rightwing government is not only less and less popular among Americans, but it guarantees continued repression against Palestinians and continued unrest in the region

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