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Alexander Bertschi Wrigley: Trump’s Illegal Moroccan Bribe Could Throw North Africa Into Chaos

Trump bribed Morocco into normalizing relations with Israel by turning the US into the only country in the world to recognize Morocco’s annexation of Western Sahara

Collective 20: The Iraq War Logs, The War on Whistleblowers, and Lessons Learned From a Decade of WikiLeaks Revelations

What did we learn from the Iraq War Logs?

Vijay Prashad: Ten years on, hopes of ‘Arab Spring’ snuffed out

Ten years after the Arab Spring, there is little to celebrate. Great hopes have been set aside. Old cynicisms have returned, the cynicisms of arms deals and of energy deals, the cynicism of brutality

Louis Yako: Seagulls Without a Sea

Days at Internally Displaced Persons Camps in Iraq

Ramzy Baroud: When the People Rose

How the Intifada Changed the Political Discourse around Palestine

Jonathan Cook: How Gulf states became business partners in Israel’s occupation

Since signing the Abraham Accords, the UAE and Bahrain have been actively colluding with Israel’s settler movement and military authorities

Juan Cole: Iran to Biden: We will Fulfill our Nuclear Obligation if you Return to 2015 Deal

What Rouhani is signalling to Biden and to Europe is that if they want Iran to go back to observing the stringent stipulations of the JCPOA, they can have that, but they have to turn on the money spigots

Various Contributors: Palestinian rights and the IHRA definition of antisemitism

A group of 122 Palestinian and Arab academics, journalists and intellectuals express their concerns about the IHRA definition

Hanan Ashrawi: Trump’s Morocco-Israel Deal Legitimizes Land Theft & Occupation

Morocco is the fourth Arab nation to establish ties with Israel since August, part of a diplomatic push by the outgoing Trump administration to shore up international support for Israel

Stephen Zunes: Trump Recognized Morocco’s Illegal Occupation to Boost the Israeli Occupation

Americans must once again pressure our government to cease supporting brutal occupations

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