Category: Middle East

Murtaza Hussain: Proud Papa: How Biden Became the Father of the Iranian Nuclear Bomb

Biden’s fecklessness has stymied his agenda, but it’s been a boon to one project — an Iranian one

Miloon Kothari: ‘Apartheid’ not sufficient to describe Israeli settler colonialism

Miloon Kothari points to settler colonialism as the foundation of what many human rights organizations describe as Israeli apartheid

Dr Adnan Abu Amer: Israel fears a nightmare scenario as the crisis with Russia escalates

Putin appears to have decided to escalate the crisis with Israel

Miloon Kothari: ‘Apartheid’ Is Not Sufficient

Interview on why Apartheid is not enough to explain the root causes of the Palestinian crisis

Phil Hearse: NATO expands – Kurds betrayed

A report on the betrayal of the Kurdish people as Erdoğan of Turkey uses the threat of veto on NATO membership for Finland and Sweden

Richard Falk: Shared Values and Fist Bump Geopolitics

Biden’s Blurred Vision of Human Rights

Marjorie Cohn: Palestinians Face Forced Expulsions as Biden Pledges Allegiance to Israel

Joe Biden’s much-heralded visit to Jerusalem has confirmed that the United States remains Israel’s enabler-in-chief

Noam Chomsky: Biden’s Middle East Trip Contains Echoes of Trump’s Policies

U.S. relations with the family kingdom called “Saudi Arabia” have always proceeded amicably, undisturbed by its horrifying record of human rights abuses, which persists

Kathy Kelly: No Starvation for Oil

As President Joe Biden embarks on his trip to the Middle East, those of us back home must acknowledge that a “sensitive” trip would visit the victims rather than the butchers

Patrick Cockburn: The mass ethnic cleansing of Syrian Kurds is collateral damage from the war in Ukraine

A Kurdish family share their story as they seek to escape the impending Turkish advance for the third time in five years

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