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Ramzy Baroud: The Politics of War: What is Israel’s Endgame in Lebanon and Syria?

The future of Lebanon is, once more, in the hands of war generals.

Vijay Prashad: It Is Late, but It Is Early Morning If We Insist a Little

Nothing happens in Beirut and Lebanon that is transparent; plots of all kinds unravel against the ordinary hopes of the population

Medea Benjamin: Don’t be Hoodwinked by Trump’s UAE-Israel “Peace Deal”

The normalization of relations between the UAE and Israel, facilitated by the U.S., serves to prop up three repressive leaders — Trump, Netanyahu, and bin Zayed — and will cause further harm to Palestinians. It is both a shame and a sham. 

Juan Cole: Ilhan Omar defeats Corporate Democrat, Israel Lobbies in Overwhelming Primary Victory

Although the Israel lobbies put a lot of money into defeating Omar, the issues on which she won, of progressive policing and health care, were largely disconnected from the geopolitical ones where her straight talk had attracted so much vitriol to her

Ziad Abu-Rish: Lebanon’s Gov’t Resigns, But Protesters Demand Structural Change

“The fall of cabinets and even the holding of early parliamentary elections are not necessarily signs that fundamental transformation is underway in Lebanon”

Juan Cole: Lebanon’s Leaders Resign over deaths of 200, but Trump refuses Accountability for 163,462 Deaths

Trump by his peculiar combination of narcissism, contrarianism, irrationality, and political guile, has polished off more Americans than died in the entire Vietnam War

Bob Dreyfuss: October Surprise

Will War with Iran Be Trump’s Election Eve Shocker?

Arhama Siddiqa: The rise of the Middle Kingdom in the Middle East: China’s Belt and Road Initiative

China’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) stands as the most prominent example of the pivotal shift in Chinese foreign policy from Deng Xiaoping’s “bide and hide” philosophy to the current ambitious endeavors

Ramzy Baroud: Apartheid or One State: Has Jordan Broken a Political Taboo?

Since the two-state solution is no longer workable, Palestine and Israel are now left with one of two options: a protracted, racist and violent apartheid or coexistence in a modern, democratic, and secular state, for all of its people

Asa Winstanley: Manchester university divests from firms complicit in Israeli occupation

Activists said it was “a colossal win for the Palestine solidarity movement in Britain” and a “watershed moment.”

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