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Medea Benjamin: #FreeBrittney and all Saudi Women too!

Please Help ZNet         Source: Countercurrents One week after Brittney Spears sent shockwaves across the world by relaying the conditions she has lived under for the past 13 years, a Los Angeles judge has denied her request to have her father removed from her conservatorship. Despite testifying that under her father’s care, Read more…

Loretta Graceffo: Yemeni people are being starved

So this Detroit organizer went on hunger strike in solidarity

Ben Freeman: How to Make a Gulf Monarchy All-American

The Saudi Lobby Moves from K Street to Main Street

Juan Cole: Yemenis face Famine of the Century

Biden must pressure Saudis to Stop Port Blockade

John Feffer: The Talented Mr. Bin Salman

The Saudi prince, like the Patricia Highsmith character, is a confidence man, serial killer, and all-around psychopath. The United States should stop enabling him

Alex Emmons: Biden Balks at Sanctions on Saudi Crown Prince After Release of Report on Killing of Jamal Khashoggi

Biden imposed sanctions only on aides to Mohammed bin Salman even though a new intelligence report said that MBS approved the mission on Khashoggi

Juan Cole: Biden’s Double Standards

Iranian Civilians under severe US Sanctions but not accused Saudi Murderer Bin Salman

Kathy Kelly: About Suffering: A Massacre of the Innocents in Yemen

We must not turn away. We must decry the terrible war and blockade. Doing so may help spare the lives of at least some of Yemen’s children. The opportunity to resist this massacre of the innocents rests with us.

Medea Benjamin: Two years after Khashoggi’s murder, why is America still an accomplice to MBS’s crimes?

As long as U.S. leaders continue to coddle the Saudis, it’s difficult not to ask who is more evil—the maniacal Saudi crown prince responsible for Khashoggi’s murder and the slaughter of more than a hundred thousand Yemenis, or the mendacious Western governments and businesspeople who continue to support and profit from his crimes? 

Juan Cole: Saudi Arabia, World’s Last Absolute Monarchy, Challenged by New Democratic Political Party

“There would be an end of everything,” Montesquieu said of absolute monarchy and the erasure of the separation of powers. That is what the Saudis have, and what Trump is working toward.

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