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Medea Benjamin: Treated like minors

The guardianship system basically means that Saudi women are totally powerless over their own lives and destinies unless their male guardian allows them that power

Robert Fisk: A glitzy distraction

For 24 hours, the world was told about the lifting of the driving ban rather than the chopping-off of heads, the arrest of human rights activists and the horrific war in Yemen

Robert Fisk: United against Al-Jazeera

If you’re wondering why Saudi Arabia and Israel have united against Al-Jazeera, here’s the answer

Vijay Prashad: War Crimes in Yemen

Yemen is at the brink of cholera and famine driven mass death

Conn Hallinan: Tortured Politics

Saudi Arabia’s puzzling effort to blacklist its tiny neighbor Qatar begs the question of who’s really isolated in the Gulf.

Vijay Prashad: ‘Dangerous Confrontation’ With Iran

Interview on the American, Saudi and Israeli ​campaign against Iran and the new Cold War with Russia

Juan Cole: Fooling Trump?

Did UAE plant Fake News about Qatar to Fool Trump?

Robert Fisk: The Qatar crisis

The Qatar ‘crisis’ is about taming the one Gulf nation which has the potential to outshine the Saudi kingdom and dictate the outcome of the Syria war

Robert Fisk: A vassal state

By demanding the end of Al Jazeera, Saudi Arabia is trying to turn Qatar into a vassal state

Gilbert Mercier: Saudi Arabia vs Qatar

Middle East Controlled-Demolition Plan?

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