Category: Syria

Debbie Bookchin: Eyewitnesses to the Rojava revolution: women empowerment

The Rojava revolution is under attack. Debbie Bookchin and Emre Şahin share their thoughts on this unique revolutionary process after recently visiting the region

Nick Turse: Winter Is Coming

Castle Black, the Syrian Withdrawal, and the Battle of the Bases

Patrick Cockburn: Baghdadi Had No Real Answer for the Crumbling of His Caliphate

Isis will continue as a guerrilla force, but having lost all of its territory its leader was not going to evade his pursuers forever

Ercan Ayboga: Fear of a democratic revolution

Interview on Turkey’s attack, Rojava’s direct democracy, and the international reaction

Amber Huff: Now is the time to rise up for Rojava

Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces have been betrayed by the US, giving the Turkish state a green light to carry out atrocities in Northern Syria

Marjorie Cohn: As Trump Aids and Abets Turkey’s War Crimes, the UN Must Act

Nearly two weeks have passed since Turkey launched its ground and air attack on Rojava, the autonomous region of northeast Syria, following Trump’s sudden removal of 1,000 U.S. troops from the area.

Jonathan Cook: US Democrats cultivated the barbarism of Isis

There is something profoundly deceitful in the Democratic Party and corporate media’s framing of Donald Trump’s decision to pull troops out of Syria

Brian Terrell: The United States Air Force at Incirlik, Our National “Black Eye”

The number of overseas US military bases, estimated at more than 800 in some 70 countries, is hard to gauge, given that they often are camouflaged as bases of the host country

Kurdistan Workers’ Party: PKK letter to the American people and President Trump

“We are not guilty of terrorism; we are victims of state terrorism. But we are guilty of defending our people”

Yvo Fitzherbert: The ceasefire that never was: betrayal in Rojava

After being stabbed in the back by the US — twice — the Rojava administration is left with little choice but to turn to Assad in the face of Turkey’s invasion

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