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Richard Falk: Interpreting Turkey’s Military Operation in Syria

Trump’s diplomacy, as usual, irresponsibly sent the most mixed possible signal to all interested parties

Juan Cole: “Shameful” Pence Agreement

Nancy Pelosi and Senate minority Leader Chuck Schumer lambasted the pause in fighting by Turkey negotiated by vice president Mike Pence “sham ceasefire”

Juan Cole: Blaming Victims

Trump attacks Syrian Kurds as “Communists,” “No Angels,” PKK as worse than ISIL

Patrick Cockburn: Turkey’s Syria invasion rapidly backfiring

Amid global outcry and Kurdish deal with Damascus, Erdogan must now recalculate

Khury Petersen-Smith: The Answer Is Not Endless War

Like millions of others, the Kurds are victims of disastrous U.S. interventions in the region

Robert Fisk: Trump and Erdogan have much in common

How can the EU stand idly by while Turkey conducts such vile business with the assent of a US administration that is intent on causing chaos?

Ozlem Goner: Kurds Turn to Bashar al-Assad for Protection

The Kurds, in order to escape genocide, had to make a deal

Patrick Cockburn: US has cleared a new breeding ground for Isis

For a moment, it looked as the Syrian conflict was finally producing clear winners and losers. But now another front has opened up – and the return of one of the conflict’s most violent players is in the offing

Tony Iltis: Turkey launches genocidal invasion to crush Rojava Revolution

The aim of the invasion is to annihilate the AA’s revolutionary, democratic and feminist experiment. Solidarity between different ethnic and religious communities has been at the forefront of this experiment

Mehmet Ozalp: As Turkish troops move in to Syria, the risks are great

Including for Turkey itself

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