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Patrick Cockburn: Threats between Erdogan and the European Union ring hollow – they need each other

All sides are paying a price for letting the wars in Syria and Iraq go on for so long and doing so little to bring them to an end

Anna Lau: A Kurdish response to climate change

Conversations with the Kurdish Liberation Movement on ecological society and democratic confederalism

Juan Cole: Turkish Gov’t arrests 15 Opposition MPs in Further Descent into Dictatorship

Every new assault that Erdogan launches on democracy in Turkey has brought queries as to whether Turkish democracy is now definitively dead. The answer each time is yes

Ayla Akat: Kurds and Turks are at the edge of a cliff

Ayla Akat, women’s rights activist, has for many years sought a political solution to the Turkish-Kurdish conflict while defending the rights of the Kurdish minority in Turkey. She has been arrested

Richard Falk: A Warming of US/Turkish Relations?

What Erdoğan and Obama achieved was mainly in the realm of intangible signs of mutual appreciation and understanding

Richard Falk: The Uses and Abuses of Uncertainty: The Case of Turkey

This unfolding future should gradually tell us which mix of certainties and uncertainties will govern the Turkish internal and international future

Patrick Cockburn: Syrian Kurds vow to fight to the death to stop Turkey ‘invading’ their territory

Officials fear growing co-operation between the Syrian and Turkish governments in opposition to Kurdish separatism

Conn Hallinan: Turkey’s Coup: Winners & Losers

The obvious winner is Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogen and his campaign to transform Turkey from a parliamentary democracy to a powerful, centralized executive with himself in charge

Robert Fisk: Alan Kurdi symbolised an army of dead children. We ignore them at our peril

One year on, has the world learned the lesson of the three-year-old boy washed up on a Turkish beach?

Patrick Cockburn: Turkey could be overplaying its hand with Syria ground offensive as civil war reaches crucial point

As US and Russian officials meet in Geneva to discuss potential cooperation, Turkey’s involvement means the multi-sided conflict is becoming ever more complex

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