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Patrick Cockburn: While the world looks away

Civilians in Afrin are being slaughtered in their hundreds by Turkish forces

Robert Fisk: Erdogan’s Motive?

In 2003, the Armenian newspaper Agos, whose editor Hrant Dink was assassinated outside his office in 2007, reported that the Turkish government was secretly coding minorities in registers

Vijay Prashad: In Turkey, ruling by decree

The Erdoğan regime’s onslaught against dissenters continues unabated

William Eichler: As Afrin burns, where is the left?

For many on the left, it is not “western” enough to care about and therefore its victims are invisible.

Patrick Cockburn: Turkey recruiting ex-Isis fighters in Syria?

Former Isis fighters say that Turkey is using the name of the now defunct, Western-backed Free Syrian Army to conceal its use of jihadi mercenaries

Patrick Cockburn: Why we should fear ‘Washington establishment’ figures

The poor judgement of the very people who are meant to be a restraining force on Trump was shown when Tillerson made a classic blunder that may have negative results for the US for years to come

Kamran Matin: Why is Turkey targeting Afrin?

What do Erdogan, Iran and Russian have to gain from a bloody war on Afrin’s restive Kurdish population?

Robert Fisk: Inside Afrin

The true victims of Turkey’s invasion of northern Syria are revealed – refugees, babies, women and children

Marcel Cartier: Why I support Afrin & the Rojava Revolution

The dark clouds of 21st-century fascism are once again hanging over the heads of the people of northern Syria. As if the inhabitants of the region often referred to as Rojava haven’t suffered enough over the course of the past 7 years of war, the Turkish state has come to the conclusion that the time Read more…

Dilar Dirik: A call for solidarity: defend Afrin — defend humanity

In the battle for Afrin, we see the universal dimensions of popular struggles against fascism, dictatorship and death — and for democracy, freedom and justice

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