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Vijay Prashad: Turkey’s Repressive Erdogan Meets With Trump

Tens of Thousands of Public Servants Still Jailed

Patrick Cockburn: Trump’s decision to arm Kurdish fighters

The US is choosing to support its Kurdish ally in Syria, in defiance of Turkey, whose aim is to prevent the establishment of a quasi-independent Kurdish state there

Robert Fisk: Will Trump call Armenian genocide what it was?

There were thousands of eyewitness testimonies to these atrocities, including the burning of babies by Turkish gendarmes. And Trump, as we all know, cares very much about ‘beautiful babies’

Bilge Yesil: Is Turkey Becoming a Dictatorship?

Erdogan Claims Victory in Vote to Give President Sweeping Powers

Patrick Cockburn: Erdogan’s referendum victory

Turkey is surrounded by many actual or potential enemies – Syrian, Kurdish, Iranian, Russian – who see how easy it will be to exploit and exacerbate the country’s deep divisions

Juan Cole: Turkish Democracy in Trouble

Turkey is in essence moving from a British parliamentary system to a French presidential one

Güney Işıkara: Voting on Dictatorship

The referendum in Turkey is about one thing: Erdoğan’s brazen bid for dictatorial power

Patrick Cockburn: Turkish Referendum Could End Democracy

Erdogan’s track record of imprisoning and silencing dissidents makes a mockery of the electoral system, which may be about to give him unprecedented power

Conn Hallinan: Turkey’s Dangerous Moment

Certainly the President is in a bind. He needs foreign investments and tourism to get the economy back on track, but he is alienating one ally after another

Patrick Cockburn: May’s visit to Turkey shows how desperate she is to strike trade deals

Erdogan will be seen as endorsing the destruction of Turkish democracy; he is replacing it with a presidential system as dictatorial and repressive as anything seen in Latin America in the 1960s and 1970s

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