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Brian Dominick: Behind Enemy Lines

ZNet Commentary . In a disturbing case of hypocritical Western propaganda tripping over its own distortions, the Associated Press recently reported that Turkish troops and warplanes have crossed into Northeastern Iraq in pursuit of Kurdish rebels presumably taking refuge there (AP, 4/7/99). Any honest observer will be mesmerized by the juggling act of ignorance involved Read more…

Site Administrator: Nato’s Humanitarian Trigger

From James Rubin to Christiane Amanpour, the broad range of government and media opinion is totally united in demanding that NATO bomb Serbia. This is necessary, we are told, in order to "avert a humanitarian catastrophe", and because, "the only language Milosevic understands is force"… which happens to be the language the U.S. wants to Read more…

Edward Herman: How the NYT Solved the New Guatemala Problem

Newspaper of Record, as an establishment institution and consistent defender of U.S. imperial prerogatives, and it is interesting and amusing to see how it coped. One problem for the paper was to explain and justify U.S. complicity in light of this country’s definitionally good and benevolent qualities. Sometimes this problem has been eased by discrediting Read more…

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