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Patrick Cockburn: US has cleared a new breeding ground for Isis

For a moment, it looked as the Syrian conflict was finally producing clear winners and losers. But now another front has opened up – and the return of one of the conflict’s most violent players is in the offing

Tony Iltis: Turkey launches genocidal invasion to crush Rojava Revolution

The aim of the invasion is to annihilate the AA’s revolutionary, democratic and feminist experiment. Solidarity between different ethnic and religious communities has been at the forefront of this experiment

Mehmet Ozalp: As Turkish troops move in to Syria, the risks are great

Including for Turkey itself

Stephen Zunes: This Isn’t the First Time the US Has Abandoned the Kurds

Given the history of repression by the Turkish armed forces against Kurdish civilians, Trump’s support for further Turkish intervention in Syria could have utterly tragic results

Juan Cole: 3 Possible reasons Trump is threatening Turkey with Sanctions

Trump is slapping sanctions on Turkey for invading northern Syria after Trump told Turkish president Tayyip Erdogan that it would be all right for him to invade northern Syria

Khury Petersen-Smith: Stepping Into a Turkish/Kurdish Minefield

The U.S. is deeply involved in the region surrounding Syria. Its actions helped lay the groundwork for the current struggle faced by the Kurds

Vijay Prashad: Syria, Ecuador And India

Turkey has invaded Syria. In particular, Turkey has crossed the border to destroy the largely Syrian Kurdish province of Rojava, south of the Turkey-Syria border and east of the Euphrates River

Elif Sarican: Turkish Invasion Raises Fear of Kurdish Genocide & ISIS Resurgence

Interview on the implications of Turkey’s assault

Juan Cole: Not Just Ethnicity

Turkey v. Kurds and the Great Divide over Political Islam v. the Secular Left

Patrick Cockburn: Kurdish Fighters Always Feared Trump Would be a Treacherous Ally

But the scale of his betrayal is terrifying

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