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Bülent Gökay: Rojava: Millions of civilians in northern Syria threatened

On October 6, the White House declared US troops would be withdrawn from northern Syria and no longer be in the immediate area ahead of a Turkish military operation

Danny Gold: Trump Turned His Back on Syrian Kurds

Here’s How They View Their New Precarious Position

Juan Cole: Winners and Losers from Trump throwing Syrian Kurds under the Bus

The reasons for which the Washington Establishment is appalled at Trump’s abrupt withdrawal of US special operations troops from northern Syria are not necessarily the right ones

Vijay Prashad: What to expect from Turkey’s coming invasion of Syria

The Syrian Democratic Forces is now vulnerable to the full might of the Turkish army

Jon Schwarz: U.S. Betrays Kurds for the Eighth Time

The White House announced Sunday night that the United States is giving Turkey a green light to invade northern Syria, with the U.S. troops there now apparently pulling back to another area of the country

Patrick Cockburn: “A Shakespearean Act of Betrayal”

Trump Agrees to Let Turkey Invade Kurdish-Controlled Syrian Area

Nik Matheou: Why you should #BoycottTurkey and #RiseUp4Rojava

Turkey’s occupation of Afrin and attacks on Kurds everywhere is made possible by support from its Western allies. A new campaign aims to put an end to this

Patrick Cockburn: Boris Johnson’s Slo-Motion Coup Eerily Recalls the Rise of Erdogan

Johnson, Erdogan and Trump are alike in specialising in aggressive patriotism, defence of an endangered national independence, and nostalgia for past glories

Civaka Azad: Öcalan’s Strategic Success on Imralı

Interview with Kurdish People’s Leader Abdullah Öcalan’s attorney

Conn Hallinan: A Wounded Erdogan Could Be Dangerous

For the second time in a row, Turkish voters have rebuked President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s handpicked candidate for the mayoralty of Istanbul

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