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Yves Engler: Supporting a dictator

Canada’s High Commissioner has provided various forms of ideological support to Africa’s most ruthless dictator

Yves Engler: NDP backs American Empire

On a number of issues the former Canadian diplomat has aligned with the US Empire

Yves Engler: ‘Free trade’ trumps Canadian law

Two weeks ago the worst fear of Canadian opponents of neoliberal ‘free trade’ agreements came true

Yves Engler: ‘Benevolent Canada’

Imagine if the media only reported the good news that governments and corporations wanted you to see, hear and read about. Unfortunately, that is not far from the reality of reporting about Canada’s role internationally. The dominant media almost exclusively covers stories that portray this country positively while ignoring or downplaying information that contradicts this Read more…

Yves Engler: Election Interference Hypocrisy

Perhaps it is time for a broader discussion about election meddling

Bill Fletcher: The Future of the Labour Movement

Trump, Right-Wing Populism, and the Future of the Labour Movement

Yves Engler: Roméo Dallaire is not progressive

Paying Dallaire to speak at your meeting does not further the cause of international peace and a just system of international relations

Yves Engler: Canada’s military cultural outreach

The Snowbirds aerobatic team are, according to the Department of National Defence, an “important public relations and recruiting tool”

Yves Engler: Entrenching colonialism in Africa

The recent seizure of phosphate from a Moroccan state company in South Africa and Panama is a blow to corporate Canada and a victory for national independence struggles

Richard Fidler: Major Decisions Face Québec Solidaire

Quebec’s broad party of the left, Québec solidaire (QS), will open a four-day congress on May 19 in Montréal – the 12th congress in its 11-year history. The delegates face a challenging agenda. It includes the final stage of adoption of the party’s detailed program, a process begun eight years ago; discussion of possible alliances Read more…

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