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Yves Engler: A Turning Point?

Trump’s decision to move the US Embassy to Jerusalem may well mark the end of the spurious “peace process” and Abbas’ US–Canada–Saudi–Israel backed Palestinian Authority

Jonathan Rosenblum: Biggest $15 Win Yet

Mainstream politicians often claim that we have to elect progressives to office first, before workers can win big legislation. Ontario workers and students just proved otherwise

Yves Engler: Regime change in Venezuela

Dismissing criticism of Ottawa’s regime change efforts in Venezuela by claiming Canada has been a benevolent international actor is wholly unconvincing

Yves Engler: Revoking JNF’s charitable status

The campaign to revoke the JNF’s charitable status is simply a call for the Canadian state to stop subsidizing an explicitly racist, colonial, institution. There is nothing anti-Jewish in that

Yves Engler: Refugees and economic exploitation

If you take a nation’s mineral resources do you have a moral responsibility to also accept its people?

Yves Engler: Canada tries to oust Maduro

Alongside Washington and Venezuela’s elite, the Trudeau government is seeking to oust President Nicolás Maduro

Yves Engler: Supporting a dictator

Canada’s High Commissioner has provided various forms of ideological support to Africa’s most ruthless dictator

Yves Engler: NDP backs American Empire

On a number of issues the former Canadian diplomat has aligned with the US Empire

Yves Engler: ‘Free trade’ trumps Canadian law

Two weeks ago the worst fear of Canadian opponents of neoliberal ‘free trade’ agreements came true

Yves Engler: ‘Benevolent Canada’

Imagine if the media only reported the good news that governments and corporations wanted you to see, hear and read about. Unfortunately, that is not far from the reality of reporting about Canada’s role internationally. The dominant media almost exclusively covers stories that portray this country positively while ignoring or downplaying information that contradicts this Read more…

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