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Alain Savard: How 7,000 Quebec Workers Went on Strike against Climate Change

Despite provincial labor laws preventing unions from striking over political issues, 11 locals representing 7,500 workers formally voted to go on strike for a day

Meryl Nass: Why Legislatures are implementing vaccine mandates now

Testimony to New Brunswick, CA Legislators

Yves Engler: Canada enables corrupt Haitian president to remain in power

Almost entirely ignored by the Canadian media, Haitian protesters regularly criticize Canada

Yves Engler: Why is Ottawa aligning itself with Venezuela’s most anti-democratic elements?

Venezuelans require a vibrant opposition that challenges the government. They don’t need Canada to boost an electorally marginal party that drives the country into increasing conflict

Yves Engler: SNC Lavalin the corporate face of Ugly Canadian

The corporate face of this country’s foreign policy is not pretty. While Trudeau’s SNC scandal highlights corporate influence over politics, it’s also the story of the Ugly Canadian abroad

Natalie Knight: Urban Indigenous organizing

In so-called Canada, urban Indigenous organizers are re-energizing a decades-old struggle by redefining Indigenous sovereignty in the city streets

Yves Engler: Canada’s NDP Should Oppose Venezuela Coup

NDP leadership has barely mustered any criticism of Canadian policy

Bruce Allen: NAFTA 2.0: Nothing for Workers

A failure to seriously resist NAFTA 2.0’s passage into law in Canada, the U.S. and Mexico will amount to capitulation and the acceptance of an agreement that by design, like the original NAFTA, intrinsically serves the interests of Capital

Chloe Rockarts: Solidarity Pickets Protest Canada Post Strike Ban

When government legislation ordered Canadian postal workers back to work, other unions and labor groups across the country organized picket lines to support postal workers and the right to strike

Sam Gindin: GM Oshawa: Making Hope Possible

Working class life under capitalism has shown that no matter what workers do, how good their work, how restrained their demands, and how much they accept in terms of work pressures, they will always remain vulnerable

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