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Lynda Collins: Canadian Youth Launch a Rising Tide of Constitutional Climate Suits. Expect more

In the case of children and youth who lack the right to vote but will disproportionately bear the harmful consequences of the climate crisis in the future, turning to courts is in fact their only hope

Tanupriya Singh: Violence against Indigenous women grows in Vancouver amid ‘apathy and injustice’

Indigenous women and girls in Canada continue to face disproportionate levels of violence and insecurity rooted in colonialism

Anjali Appadurai: Meet Anjali Appadurai, the Leftist Challenger in British Columbia’s Upcoming Election

Win or lose, her presence in the race is shaking things up

Jeremy Appel: The Canadian Starbucks Unionization Wave Has Scored Another Victory

Canada’s Starbucks organizing wave is moving eastward from British Columbia, with a store in Alberta going union earlier this month

Tori Fleming: Registering the ‘Labour Upsurge’ in North America

The current challenge is to make our own history, with the past informing our analysis of the present, and encourage the inventiveness of organizing strategies for the struggles yet to come

Caitlyn Clark: International Students in Ontario Are Fighting Wage Theft—And Winning

In Brampton, Ontario, a small team of young organizers has begun taking on the businesses that exploit them, one case at a time

Alexandra Bradbury: ‘Direct Action Revitalized Our Union’

New Canadian Postal Veep Has a Plan to Revive Militancy Coast to Coast

David Moscrop: The Labor Movement Is Gaining Momentum in US & Canada

Support for unions is the highest it’s been for decades. The labor movement should take advantage of this moment

Jessica Corbett: Ottawa Endorses Fossil Fuel Non-Proliferation Treaty

One climate campaigner said the Canadian city “is taking responsibility for moving beyond fossil fuels and prioritizing the protection of people and planet.”

Gerard Di Trolio: Canadian Workers Are in Revolt

Now Is the Time for Unions to Punch the Gas

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