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Doreen Nicol: Decent work for all is the prescription for a healthy pandemic recovery

The Decent Work Health Network acknowledges that work is a social determinant of health. Their new report calls for better wages, paid sick days and workplace protections

David Moscrop: Canada’s Left Shouldn’t Cede Populist Politics to the Right

The discontent that fomented the Freedom Convoy was caused by problems around wages, housing, and health care — problems for which the Left has long had solutions

Dan Darrah: We Need Public Housing, Not Affordable Housing

Homeownership is out of reach for millions in Canada and the US. We should be demanding more social housing

Joseph Lee: First Nations begin filing claims for Canada’s multi-billion dollar water settlement

The historic settlement could provide compensation to 142,000 individuals and 250 First Nations who were denied access to clean water

Jason Pramas: The Ottawa Freedom Convoy Occupation

We can’t speak for other regions that saw similar protests but, here in Ottawa, the city and the cops did absolutely nothing for more than 20 days to try and stop the protest and occupation

Naomi Klein: Toxic Nostalgia, From Putin to Trump to the Trucker Convoys

War is reshaping our world. Will we harness that urgency for climate action or succumb to a final, deadly oil and gas boom?

Yves Engler: Reaction to Haitian strike exposes Liberal lie on ‘feminist foreign policy’

A government truly committed to a “feminist foreign policy” would support Haitians striking to boost their 70-cents-per-hour wage

John Cartwright: The Convoy and Canada – A Call to Step Up

Unions, racial and climate justice organizations, faith leaders, students, residents’ groups, health care activists – all of us have a role to play to help overcome this polarization, to bridge divides and to focus on crucial issues of  social justice

Dimitri Lascaris: Leftists must oppose the suppression of dissent

Even when we disagree with the dissenters

Bryan d. Palmer: Freedom Comes to Canada

The rage that erupted in a Presidential-endorsed riot in Washington on 6 January 2021 has now exploded to the north

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