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Sonali Kolhatkar: Why the Freedom Convoy Is More American Than Canadian

Conservatives in the U.S. have fallen in love with the fringe protests led by Canadian truckers. It is a cause that unites the libertarian and extremist wings of the GOP and offers a new front in the culture wars

John Feffer: Suicide Truckers

The “Freedom Convoy” in Canada wants to spread its anti-government, antisocial, and ultimately self-defeating messages far and wide

Henry A. Giroux: Convoy Movement Isn’t a Struggle Over Freedom, It’s an Attempt to Kill Democracy

The truckers are endorsed largely by leading U.S. Republicans such as Donald Trump, Ted Cruz and Marjorie Taylor Greene, along with some Canadian conservative politicians

James Menzies: The so-called Freedom Convoy was never about truckers, or border mandates

You became the rallying cry of an anti-government group whose ambitions went well beyond the reversal of the vaccine mandate

Kenn Orphan: Thought’s on the Freedom Convoy

If there is anything to be learned from this and other demonstrations around the world, it is that the far-right is gaining momentum from the exasperation of ordinary people

Uday Rana: Almost one in five Canadian truckers is South Asian

But many don’t see themselves represented in the trucker convoy

The Bullet: Left Municipal Election Platform Launched in Vancouver

As rents continue to spiral out of control amidst multiple intersecting societal crises, is Vancouver ready for a political revolution?

Kenn Orphan: How a Battle in Nova Scotia Echoes the Global War for Our Biosphere

These battles can be won, but we must unite to fight them, and we must do it now before the madness of ecocide ends with the finality of extinction

Yves Engler: Time to Fight Climate Change, Not Each Other

Environmentalists’ battle is not with the Russians or Chinese, it’s with the polluters, which include those purportedly protecting us from the Russians and Chinese

Candice Bernd: Canadian Amazon Warehouse Could Soon Be First to Unionize in North America

“It’s being seen as a PR move to make [Amazon] look good, to basically increase wages on one hand and slash bonuses on the other.”

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