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Kenn Orphan: How a Battle in Nova Scotia Echoes the Global War for Our Biosphere

These battles can be won, but we must unite to fight them, and we must do it now before the madness of ecocide ends with the finality of extinction

Yves Engler: Time to Fight Climate Change, Not Each Other

Environmentalists’ battle is not with the Russians or Chinese, it’s with the polluters, which include those purportedly protecting us from the Russians and Chinese

Candice Bernd: Canadian Amazon Warehouse Could Soon Be First to Unionize in North America

“It’s being seen as a PR move to make [Amazon] look good, to basically increase wages on one hand and slash bonuses on the other.”

Yves Engler: Canadian Imperialism in Africa

Canadian imperialism in Africa has had a rare social media moment

Yves Engler: Earthquake Devastates Haiti: Canada shouldn’t make it worse

With “friends” like Canada, Haiti is in deep trouble

Yves Engler: Lima Group loses Lima

Peru’s new Foreign Affairs Minister called the Lima Group the country’s “most disastrous” ever foreign policy initiative

Justin Podur: Canada Is Waging an All-Front Legal War Against Indigenous People

After mass graves full of Indigenous children have been found, how can Canada justify ongoing land theft?

Yves Engler: ‘No new fighter jets’ campaign first step towards defunding military

Progressives should be pushing to defund or abolish the Canadian military. But, first we need to stop bolstering its capacity to kill in U.S. and NATO lead wars

Henry A. Giroux: The Politics of Racial Cleansing and Erasing History

This whitening of history is now largely being reproduced by right-wing attacks on diversity, critical race programs in the public and higher education

Yves Engler: Canadian Venezuela conference and Liberal hypocrisy

The sanctions have contributed to 100,000 deaths, according to former UN Rapporteur Alfred de Zayas, and massive outward migration

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