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Jane Slaughter: Auto Parts Workers Strike for Recognition

Auto parts workers at the Piston Automotive factory in Toledo, Ohio, went on strike for union recognition

Stephen F. Cohen: “We Are Not Beginning a New Cold War, We are Well into It”

Interview on the current situation in Russia

John M. Laforge: US Nuclear Weapons Proliferation: We’re No. 1!

This machine’s threat of meaningless, genocidal, radioactive violence is called “tactical”

Remembered by a Group of His Friends: Carl Bloice Remembered, 1939-2014

Carl Bloice was a journalist, political theorist, and teacher who inspired and mentored generations of activists in the U.S. and around the world for more than five decades

Danny Schechter: Pulitzers Awarded At The ‘Taj Majal” of Journalism

If we had waited on the big media to tell the story, we would all still be waiting

John Pilger: The Strangelove Effect

Or how we are hoodwinked into accepting a new world war

Jim Hightower: 8 Terrifying Facts About NSA Surveillance

The NSA is too heavily vested in its programs; it is not going to give up spying on us despite efforts at reform

David Swanson: The Climate Is Invading the Earth!

The point is that there is an alien invader attacking the earth. Its name is climate change

Edward Snowden: Putin Must Be Called To Account On Surveillance

I questioned the Russian president live on TV to get his answer on the record, not to whitewash him

Shamus Cooke: Seattle’s Elite Begin Their Counter Attack

Seattle’s corporations were blindsided, it all happened so fast

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