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Juan Cole: More Solar Workers in US than Coal Miners

By the end of 2013, the number of workers in the solar energy industry in the US had grown to 143,000

Jim Lobe: Floridians Lead U.S. in Favoring Normalisation with Cuba

If President Barack Obama wants to move more quickly to normalise ties with Cuba, it appears he has gained the political space to do so

Ta-Nehisi Coates: On the Killing of Jordan Davis by Michael Dunn

The irrelevance of black life has been drilled into this country since its infancy

Peter Marcuse: Poverty or Inequality: What’s the Problem?

Reducing poverty is much less controversial than reducing inequality, which confronts more basic vested interests

Annie Leonard: Facebook Made My Teenager Into An Ad

A generation of ‘opt-in’ kids is being exploited, and someone needs to supervise the social network

Jacob Chamberlain: Serious Blow Dealt to US Unions in the South

The United Auto Workers union was dealt a serious blow when auto workers at a Volkswagen plant in Chattanooga, Tennessee voted against unionization

James Risen: Spying by N.S.A. Ally Entangled U.S. Law Firm

The list of those caught up in the global surveillance net cast by the National Security Agency and its overseas partners, now includes another entry: American lawyers

Glenn Greenwald: Journalism, Secrecy, and The Intercept

Glenn Greenwald and Michael Albert discuss the difficulties of doing good journalism within the confines of mainstream media, secrecy and corporations and Greenwald’s new media project – The Intercept. This interview is published in collaboration with New Left Project

Peter Van Buren: Drone Killing the Fifth Amendment

How to build a post-constitutional America one death at a time

Jim Hightower: The Mobsters of Wall Street

It’s good to be the capo of JPMorgan Chase, America’s biggest bank and a crime syndicate that apparently is too big to jail

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