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Juan Cole: Blaming Victims

Trump attacks Syrian Kurds as “Communists,” “No Angels,” PKK as worse than ISIL

Matt Bruenig: Bernie Wants You to Own More of the Means of Production

Bernie Sanders just released a landmark plan to shift ownership and control of the US economy away from the very affluent and towards workers and the public

Institute for Public Accuracy: Ellsberg: Plowshares Action Justified to Prevent Omnicide

Daniel Ellsberg: “I strongly endorse the action of civil resistance by the Kings Bay Plowshares 7 defendants who are now on trial for having ‘nonviolently and symbolically disarmed the Trident nuclear submarine base at Kings Bay, Georgia.'”

Khury Petersen-Smith: The Answer Is Not Endless War

Like millions of others, the Kurds are victims of disastrous U.S. interventions in the region

Robert McChesney: Means Testing

Sanders vs. Warren on the Single Most Important Policy Idea for Progressive Success

Rebecca Gordon: Extorting Ukraine is Bad Enough

But Trump Has Done Much Worse

Robert Fisk: Trump and Erdogan have much in common

How can the EU stand idly by while Turkey conducts such vile business with the assent of a US administration that is intent on causing chaos?

Team AOC: Tell Congress: we demand a Green New Deal

The survival of this planet for our children is not impossible. Not if we take action today, not if our leaders stand up for the people, not if we pass the Green New Deal.

Gregory Shupak: The False Balance Between Fascists and Antifascists

Right-wing terror is a feature of daily life in present-day America. Ostensibly spontaneous violence incubates in the same ideological ecosystem as organized reactionary political associations

Marjorie Cohn: Civil Rights Are on the Chopping Block in New Supreme Court Term

Source: Truthout This term, the Supreme Court will decide whether people can be fired for being transgender or LGBQ, if people brought to the U.S. as children can be deported, whether states can impose restrictions on abortion that disproportionately harm poor women, how firm the separation between church and state is, the scope of the Read more…

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