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Lauren Gambino: Democrats’ Big Bill Offers Sanders Chance to Deliver

What’s in the damn bill? Bernie has a short answer: “This is finally doing right by the American working class and having the courage to stand up to big-money interests.”

Murtaza Hussain: The Psychological Tolls and Moral Hazards of Drone Warfare

Two new books shed light on what remote warfare does to military operators, the standing of the U.S., and societies abroad

Robert Reich: Don’t believe corporate America’s “labor shortage” bullshit

This is an unofficial general strike

Beth Huang: Raising the Ceiling of Political Possibility in Boston

Michelle Wu’s candidacy for Mayor, building on years of work by a variety of grassroots organizations, is cohering the kind of multi-racial coalition that could change the political landscape at both the city and state levels

Marjorie Cohn: UK High Court Should Deny Extradition Because CIA Planned to Assassinate Assange

Why is Joe Biden’s Department of Justice continuing Donald Trump’s persecution of WikiLeaks founder, publisher and journalist Julian Assange?

Lucien Baskin: Looking to Get Cops Off Your Campus? Start Here

Find your comrades, and join this beautiful movement to get cops off campus and build the spaces and places for abolitionist teaching and learning in our communities. Abolition now

Jack Rasmus: Why Not a Financial Transactions Tax?

All the phony positioning in Congress over the attempt to ‘claw back’ just some of Trump’s $4.5T 2017 tax cuts totally ignores the real solution to all of the financing of the fiscal stimulus bills: A Financial Transactions Tax

Jonah Furman: Kaiser’s Outrageous Two-Tier Wage Proposal May Provoke a Massive Strike

“The two-tier system would be disastrous. It wouldn’t just impact us and Kaiser. Kaiser is industry-leading.”

Richard Moser: Workers Are Walking Out

Why lobby politicians when you can challenge their masters?

Anthony Adams: Running to be Detroit’s Mayor – Against Democratic Party Machine

Anthony Adams is running for mayor of Detroit on a progressive platform. He’s being marginalized by local media and opposed by the Democratic Party, including President Biden

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