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Rebecca Solnit: In Patriarchy No One Can Hear You Scream

In so many cases rapists have help in the moment and forever after, and the help is often so powerful, broad, and deep—well, that’s why we call it rape culture

Carl Davidson: A Left Strategy for the 2020 Elections and Beyond

Election campaigns are not a sideshow. We use them to make our local base communities stronger, more connected and more aware

Jarod Facundo: A Bus Tour Pushes For Higher Taxes

Tax cuts have funneled wealth upwards to the richest for decades. Activists have convened a nationwide bus tour to prove how unpopular those tax policies have been

Terry Miller: Amazon Warehouse Worker: Why I’m Taking Action

My experience working at the Amazon warehouse called Delivery Station DCH1 has been one of utter disrespect and complete disregard for our health and human dignity

Charles Pierson: Sofi’s Choice

A US Border Patrol agent at a holding facility in El Paso, Texas told the family’s 3-year old daughter that only one of her parents could remain with her and her two siblings in the US. The Border Patrol agent asked the little girl which parent she wanted to remain with her in the US

Chung-Wha Hong: Resisting the Wall Industry, From Mexico to Palestine

The institutions responsible for harming people operate across borders far more than most people realize, yet many groups are joining forces to gain strength

New Politics Editors: In Defense of Socialist Internationalism

Answering the Propaganda of the Authoritarian “Left”

Dean Baker: Trump’s Fixation on Intellectual Property Rights Serves the Rich

If we had some mechanism for sharing research costs across countries, then new drugs could sell for a few dollars per prescription, instead of a few thousand

William D. Hartung: Merger Mania

The Military-Industrial Complex on Steroids

Khury Petersen-Smith: Iran’s Not the Aggressor. The U.S. Is.

If a war breaks out, it won’t be because the Trump administration “bumbled” into one

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