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Noah Lanard: Republicans Are Now Parroting Trump’s Attacks on “Woke” Generals

Military leaders are learning that resisting a coup attempt has its costs

Aric Sleeper: Oakland-Based Cooperative Builds Community Through Collective Property Ownership

East Bay Permanent Real Estate Cooperative takes historic real estate off the speculative market in West Oakland

Tom Philpott: How the Inflation Reduction Act Affects Food and Agriculture

Overall, researchers have found, the push to use more corn ethanol as fuel has likely increased greenhouse-gas emissions

David Renton: We Have the Tools to Defeat the Supreme Court. All We Need Is the Will

Abraham Lincoln and Franklin Roosevelt both faced a similar problem, and the way they tackled it shows that there’s no reason to let judges strangle democracy

Medea Benjamin: The Taliban or a Failed State?

Helping to prevent the Afghan economy from collapsing is in the interest of Afghans, the region, and the United States as well

Daniel Hunter: Why climate activists need to celebrate — even if we’re not feeling like it

The Inflation Reduction Act is not the best we can do for the climate, but claiming its success builds a more powerful movement for future wins

Nina Lakhani: Landmark US Climate Bill Will Do More Harm Than Good

The Bill makes concessions to the fossil fuel industry as frontline community groups call on Biden to declare climate emergency

Alex Lawson: The IRA Is Big Pharma’s First Defeat—Let’s Make Sure It’s Not the Last

Big Pharma is terrified because they are no longer invulnerable

Robert Weissman: Public Citizen Calls Again for Trump to Be Prosecuted for Jan. 6

Please Help ZNet             Source: Democracy Now! Ex-President Donald Trump and supporters expressed outrage on Monday over an FBI raid on his Palm Beach resort Mar-a-Lago. The search, according to multiple media outlets, focused on illegally removed White House records. Robert Weissman, president of the advocacy organization Public Citizen, says Read more…

Michael D. Yates: Work, Work, Work—So a Few Can Be Rich

To put it bluntly, employers want our bodies and minds. They wear us out, discard us, and hire new ones

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