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Medea Benjamin: Protesting U.S. Foreign Interventions

CodePink founder and longtime peace activist Medea Benjamin was threatened with arrest in Washington, D.C., Wednesday

Naomi Klein: “I Don’t Think Baby Boomers Did This. I Think Capitalism Did.”

Inerview on the presidential race, youth movements and the Right’s response to climate change

Steve Ellner: Centrists Always Stand By While The Right Abuses Of Those On The Left

They only react when the right turns on them

Ramzy Baroud: How Western Media Bias Allows Israel to Get Away with Murder in Gaza

It is obvious that the West’s “newspapers of record” have maintained their blindspot on fairly reporting on Gaza and intentionally kept the truth from their readers

Olivia Schwob: The Long History of Debt Cancellation

Moral thinking about debt has fluctuated throughout U.S. history. Today’s calls for cancellation suggest it may be poised for transformation once again

Andrew Moss: Raising the stakes in the struggle over immigration detention

For many activists the key issue will remain one of visibility:  making continually clear to the public what it means to criminalize and incarcerate asylum seekers 

Andrew Levine: Get Trump First, But Then…

Making the Democratic Party part of the solution, not part of the problem will be no easy feat

Ryan Grim: Buttigieg’s Douglass Plan

The South Bend, Indiana, mayor polls close to zero nationally with African Americans, faring no better with that vote in South Carolina, a liability that he knows will thwart his nomination if he can’t turn it around

Tamara Toles O’Laughlin: Big Oil Needs to Pay for the Damage It Caused

Climate change disproportionately affects poor people and people of color. They should be compensated for their suffering

Elise Swain: Bolivia’s Coup Another Setback for Latin American Socialism

“It just shows how in U.S. discourse, ‘democracy’ means putting a leader in place who serves U.S. interest, and ‘tyranny’ or ‘dictatorship’ means a leader — even if they’re democratically elected — who refuses to.”

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