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Jessica Corbett: Destructive Hurricanes Fuel Calls for Biden to Declare Climate Emergency

“Mother Nature is not waiting for the president or Congress to declare a climate emergency. She’s showing us in real-time here in the United States—with wildfires, floods, heatwaves, hurricanes, and drought.”

L. Michelle Moore: Mitigating Climate Change Begins in Small Towns

What can we do to secure small town communities against enormous, converging threats like aging infrastructure, high fuel costs and a changing climate? 

Marlene Sanchez: Reimagining Safety and Liberation Without Police

True safety and freedom come when we change local, state, and national spending priorities to bolster those systemic changes and fund local community people and programs that can implement them

Ben Chavis: The environmental justice movement’s past and future

The future is what we shape the future to be. Future does not come by osmosis; it’s how it’s shaped

Jared Strong: USDA more than triples funding for ‘climate smart’ agriculture

The Biden administration plans to distribute more than $3 billion to fund projects that will reduce greenhouse gas emissions and sequester carbon in agriculture and forestry

Harold Wanless: “Reality of Global Warming”

Hurricane Ian’s Power Shows How Climate Change Supercharges Storms

Juan Cole: Dear Gov. DeSantis

Ian isn’t a once-in-500-years Flooding event, it is the New Normal, and Your Policies are helping Cause it

Lawrence Davidson: School Wars

In truth, it is the noisy minority acting out the role of political commissar that is dangerously flawed

Jack Rasmus: Europe As Global Oil Cartel? Why Price Cap Sanctions Won’t Work

Such is the arrogance of western imperialism to think they still have the power to enact and enforce such a measure. Perhaps in decades past. But no longer

Paul Street: Compromised Talking Heads

It’s instructive to look behind the veil of people that liberal media bring forward as champions of democracy on cable news

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