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Paul Street: Clockwork Orange: The Intimately Related Impunities of Fascist Floridians Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis

A remotely functioning democracy would have jailed Trump for fraud and/or sexual assault years ago

Karen Dolan: The data is in: Poverty is a political choice

Even as inflation remains high and COVID stubbornly persists, economic indicators show a potential for remarkable resiliency when the political will exists

Marjorie Cohn: States Need Constitutional Amendments to Protect Abortion From Right-Wing Judges

At least nine states provide a right to abortion in their state constitutions. None contain an explicit constitutional right but courts have implied the right by construing provisions that protect privacy, liberty and equality

Elisha Brown: The money behind Kentucky’s anti-abortion ballot measure fight

The Kentucky measure asks whether the state constitution should be amended to make it clear that there are no constitutional rights to an abortion

Margaret Kimberley: Asylum, Migration, and U.S. Foreign Policy

Citizens of nations under U.S. attack, such as Venezuela, are made eligible for asylum. Haitians suffer under U.S. dictates but are deported and returned to the hell that Washington created.

Vangela Wade: Environmental racism from Jackson to Flint

There are people here who are fighting the fight, people here who have made strides and significant changes

Jessica Corbett: Manchin Unveils Full Text of ‘Shameless Handout to the Fossil Fuel Industry’

The “reckless and dangerous” bill “would devastate communities and the climate while making a mockery of Congress and the Biden administration’s commitments to environmental justice.”

Sarah Anderson: A Farm Worker Speaks Truth to Power in Washington

Labor Secretary Marty Walsh got an earful from essential workers before inducting them into the agency’s Hall of Honor

Garnet Henderson: Medication Abortion Is Not Enough to Solve the Abortion Access Crisis

Though medication abortion is safe and effective beyond the first trimester, it is only FDA-approved for use up to 10 weeks of pregnancy

Karen J. Greenberg: Donald Trump’s Document Grab

Enhanced Secrecy Techniques Are the Order of the Day (and the Century, Too)

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