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Jason Zengerle: The New Racism

This is how the civil rights movement ends

Steven Rosenfeld: Discriminatory Jim Crow Voting Laws Abound

The worst states are all in the Old South

Claudia Roth Pierpont: A Raised Voice

How Nina Simone turned the movement into music

Frederick Reese: In Greece Privatization Schemes, Who Benefits?

As with East Germany following unification, privatization in Greece is creating wide-ranging side effects — most of which are being ignored

Jimmy Carter: Gaza Blockade Must End

The UN should mandate an end to the siege of Gaza as a first step towards a settlement

H. Patricia Hynes: August 6 and 9: Launch of the Nuclear Age

Combined, these countries have 16,300 nuclear warheads

Michael Leonardi: Don’t Drink the Water!

The aquapocalypse in Toledo, Ohio is now entering its third day

Various Contributors: UN on Gaza

Health System Collapse, 25% Displaced, 5% w/ Clean Water, Epidemic Threat

Michael Brull: Gaza on the Brink of Extinction

An Open Letter to Malcolm Turnbull

Michelle Bamberger: Fracking’s Untold Health Threat

How toxic contamination is destroying lives

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