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Carl Bloice: In Memory of Dr. King: Stand Up for those Without Work

The unemployment rate for African American workers fell from 12.5 percent in November to 11.9 percent in December

Ajamu Baraka: Syria Peace Conference: the Obama’s Administration Orwellian Subterfuge

It is difficult to call this week’s gathering in Montreux, Switzerland, a “peace conference” on Syria

Immanuel Wallerstein: Syria: Intractable Dilemmas for Everyone

There was a time when all, or almost all, actors in the Middle East had clear positions

Sarah Levy: The Schools That Portland Students Demand

A report from Portland on a demonstration of hundreds of students, parents and community members who want to send the school district a message

Brian Merchant: The Rich and Their Robots Are About to Make Half the World’s Jobs Disappear

47 percent of the world’s currently existing jobs are likely to be automated over the next two decades

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