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Tom Hayden: The President’s Sand Trap

It looks like peace groups will have some time to continue seeking consensus, credibility and a much larger base, resting on the public’s opposition to becoming bogged down in a sectarian civil war

Jack Rasmus: Central Bankers Deep in a Hole

This past week, central bankers of the capitalist advanced economies (AE) of the USA, Europe and Japan gathered in their annual meeting in Jackson Hole, Wyoming

David Mandel: Understanding the Civil War in Ukraine

Ukraine is a deeply divided society – along lines of language, culture, historical identity, ethnicity, religious affiliation, attitudes to Russia, as well as real and perceived economic interests

Sam Pizzigati: Inequality and the USA: A Nation in Denial?

America’s top central bankers didn’t make time for inequality at their annual hobnob

Richard Falk: Ahmet Davutoğlu as Turkish Foreign Minister, and Now Prime Minister

Turkey is poised to play a crucial role as a force for peace and justice in the roiled waters of the Middle East, in surrounding regions and sub-regions, and even in the world

Sarah Lazare: Global Community Must Face Deeper Roots of Growing Ebola Crisis

As WHO warns Ebola outbreak could infect up to 20,000 people, experts urge world to take aggressive action to address crisis

Joe Uehlein: Making a Living on a Living Planet

Today you can change how those questions will be answered by engaging within the trade union movement for a vision of the future where labor is a part of the answer to the climate crisis, not a part of the problem

Sascha Bercovitch: Venezuelan Experts, Union Leaders Debate Increase in Gasoline Prices

In a public forum, experts and union leaders expressed tentative approval for an increase in Venezuela’s gasoline prices

Juan Cole: US Public Worried about ISIL, Putin – But Climate Change is Real Challenge

Almost no Republicans think Global Warming is a threat, and only slightly more than a majority of Democrats do

Louis Proyect: Cancer, Politics, and Capitalism

If the origins of cancer and its ultimate cure are shrouded in mystery, the same cannot be said about the need for adequate and affordable care

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