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Dave Zirin: On the Little League World Series, Jackie Robinson West and Michael Brown

If only the real Jackie Robinson were alive today, he would undoubtedly say that there is nothing post-racial about a world where two black people are killed on average by police every week

Sujatha Fernandes: Snapshot from the Economic War in Venezuela

It takes a great deal of bravery to stand up to powerful economic interests and corrupt state officials, to carve out a path of integrity and do what you believe to be right

Bruno Jäntti: It’s time for the EU to impose sanctions on Israel

The dispossession of the Palestinian people has been and remains an internationalised endeavour

Paul Krugman: The Fall of France

Europe desperately needs the leader of a major economy — one that is not in terrible shape — to stand up and say that austerity is killing the Continent’s economic prospects

Christy Thornton: Students at the Barricades

Last December, NYU graduate student employees won recognition for our union, GSOC-UAW, from the university administration

Rebecca Solnit: Men Explain Things to Me

Facts Didn’t Get in Their Way

Justin Podur: Aristide Summoned

The courts in Haiti’s new dictatorship

Mohammed Omer: “The Damage is Beyond Imagination in Gaza”

Journalist Mohammed Omer on ceasefire deal & rebuilding

Alex Doherty: Elite Targeted Propaganda – The case of NSC-68

There are many cases where the target of propaganda is not the general populace, but rather the political-military elite itself

Steve Early: Open Shop Trend Makes Organizing the “Organized” Top Union Priority

For many years, American unions have been trying to “organize of the unorganized” to offset, and, where possible, reverse their steady loss of dues-paying members

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