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Collective 20: It’s the economy, stupid! Or is it the stupid economy?

The pandemic, for all its tragedy, has offered the Left a moment.  What we decide to do now is all-important.

Bill Fletcher: Trump Must be Defeated, but Unions Shouldn’t be Democratic Party Cheerleaders

If Trump wins, he will be convinced that he has a mandate for authoritarianism and further irrationalism; trade unions must become organizations of the class

Danny Sjursen: The U.S. Wants to Play Powerbroker in a Fight Over the Nile River

The Nile River dispute highlights humanity’s dilemma in microcosm: the crisis demands fresh transnational unity, but old geo- (and hydro-) politics continue to predominate

Juan Cole: Trump Wants to Defund the Universities to Stop People Thinking

Trump notoriously set up a phony “university” to bilk prospective students of millions of dollars. He lost a civil suit to the outraged victims and had to pay them $25 million. Now the stable genius is coming for America’s universities

Sonali Kolhatkar: Instead of Focusing on Bounties, Why Doesn’t the U.S. End the Afghan War?

Lawmakers are outraged over a recent story alleging that Vladimir Putin may be paying off Taliban soldiers to kill U.S. troops. But why are those troops still in Afghanistan?

Sarah Deer: “Most Important Indian Law Case in Half a Century”

Supreme Court Upholds Tribal Sovereignty in OK

Chuck Collins: Fair Tax Solutions for Cities Facing Covid-19 Budget Crises

Local policymakers are facing pressure to make painful spending cuts. Instead, they should raise taxes on corporations and the wealthy

Gareth Porter: How the Pentagon failed to sell Afghan government’s bunk ‘Bountygate’

Another New York Times Russiagate bombshell turns out to be a dud, as dodgy stories spun out by Afghan intelligence and exploited by the Pentagon ultimately failed to convince US intelligence agencies

Dennis Kosuth: Chicago Unions Demand to Defund Police and Fund Health Care for All

Many of the organizations and individuals who came together and produced the June 27 action have been part of ongoing collaborations among labor, community activists, social justice fighters, and advocates of abolishing the police

Graham Peebles: Prison: Therapeutic Centers Or Academies of Crime?

Instead of institutions of retribution, prisons should be refashioned as Therapeutic Centers for Change in which the criminal takes responsibility for their actions but is not made to feel guilty, or despised

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