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Jack Rasmus: Factional Splits Among US Elites

Trump’s pursuit of his ultra right economic nationalist policies, combined with the aggressiveness of US war-defense faction, will have the long run effect of reducing US hegemony in the global economy

Steve Ellner: Intransigence in Venezuela

Maduro’s electoral victory was expected, given the Democratic Unity Roundtable’s boycott and allegations of vote manipulation. But both Chavistas and opposition camps will need to find common ground to solve the pressing challenges Venezuela faces

Juan Cole: China’s Green Shift

Will Overtake US in Energy Technology, Security

Saurav Sarkar: Arrested for Racial Justice

Hundreds of Poor People’s Campaign Activists Got Themselves Arrested

Christine Ahn: Women Activists Head to DMZ to Promote Korean Peace Process

Interview on a global movement of women mobilizing to end the Korean War

Noam Chomsky: Donald Trump and the “Me First” Doctrine

Interview on the realities and dangers of foreign relations in the age of “gangster capitalism” and the decline of the US as a superpower

Susie Day: Trump, the NYPD and the People We Call “Animals”

Accepting that we don’t matter as much as the person in blue with the badge and the gun sets the cornerstone for an oncoming police state

Rebecca Gordon: How Unpiloted Aircraft Expand the War on Terror

Trump Drones On

Justin Anderson: Environmental Degradation Under Trump

Pruitt’s personal indulgences seem far more important than his policies’ impact on the planet

Razan Azzarkani: America’s Treatment of Palestinians

It’s infuriating to see my own country actively condoning brutal violence against my people while other countries sit back and watch

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