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Brian Terrell: Ending the War in Yemen- Congressional Resolution is Not Enough

Support for this legislation needs to be accompanied by a somber recognition of its limitations and with the uncompromising and urgent demand that the U.S. end the war in Yemen now

Gareth Porter: America’s Permanent-War Complex

Eisenhower’s worst nightmare has come true, as defense mega-contractors climb into the cockpit to ensure we stay overextended

Rajan Menon: Shattering Europe?

It’s telling that Trump favors the most anti-democratic European governments and movements, the ones that peddle bigotry, while choosing to pick fights with the leaders of Britain, Germany, and now France

Jean Twenge: What might explain the unhappiness epidemic?

Teens who spent more than five hours a day online were twice as likely to be unhappy as those who spent less than an hour a day

Rebecca Nathanson: Activists Face Life Imprisonment in the U.K.

Arising from this trial are two debates: that of criminalizing nonviolent protest and that of the legality, and ethics, of deportation charter flights

Jacob Bacharach: The Egregious Lie Americans Tell Themselves

Poverty—both individual and social—is a policy, not an accident, and not some kind of natural law. These are deliberate choices about the allocation of resources

Alexandra Shimo: Nestlé extracts millions of litres, residents have no drinking water

Just 90 minutes from Toronto, residents of a First Nations community try to improve the water situation as the beverage company extracts from their land

Edward Hunt: With Nearly 400,000 Dead in South Sudan, Will the U.S. Change Policy?

It’s a war as brutal as the one in Syria. Will the Trump administration pay any serious attention to it?

Vijay Prashad: Wreaking havoc on poor while protecting financial elite

Thanks to the IMF, the pockets of the forgotten from Argentina to Mexico will suffer so that finance is left intact.

Ike Nahem: Cornered: Trump Gets Thumped on Cuba at the UN

The 2018 UN vote against the US blockade strengthens Cuba’s position in this volatile and explosive period in world and Western Hemispheric politics, and in the international class and national liberation struggles, that are now unfolding

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