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Ann Jones: The Fempire Strikes Back

First, for the record, let me tell you my story about another of those perversely creepy Hollywood predators, a sort of cut-rate Harvey Weinstein: the screenwriter and film director James Toback. As I read now of women he preyed upon year after year, I feel the rage that’s bubbled in the back of my brain Read more…

Rebecca Solnit: Don’t let the alt-right hijack #MeToo

Feminism is now being weaponized for right-wing agendas. We must not allow that to happen

Jack Rasmus: The Bitcoin Bubble

Is it the new ‘subprime mortgage’ bomb?

Robert Fisk: Recognising Jerusalem

Trump has turned away from any notion of fairness in peace negotiations and run with Israel’s ball

David Swanson: Sun Tzu: The Ass of War

Peace activism requires prolonged struggle and the opposite of looting and pillaging

James J. Zogby: Trump’s Fatal Blow

The unilateral American recognition of Jerusalem not only prejudges one of the conflicts most sensitive issues, it does so in Israel’s favor

Connor Devine: The trouble with being anti-austerity and pro-EU

The European Union, at its heart and above all else, is a fundamentally pro-austerity institution

Suyapa Portillo: Honduras Holds Democracy Hostage

The real fraud is the fiction that the Honduran elites, propped up by U.S. money and interests, ever intended to submit to the will of the people

John Pilger: Why the documentary must not be allowed to die

I first understood the power of the documentary during the editing of my first film, The Quiet Mutiny. In the commentary, I make reference to a chicken, which my crew and I encountered while on patrol with American soldiers in Vietnam. “It must be a Vietcong chicken – a communist chicken,” said the sergeant. He Read more…

Justin Podur: Saudis Escalated Yemen Struggle Beyond Control

The Yemen Civil War could have been a local power struggle, if not for the Saudis’ heavy hand

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