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Arundhati Roy: “Capitalism has Become a Weapon of Mass Destruction”

Interview on India, nationalism, literature and politics

Juan Cole: Greening Earth and creating Jobs

Biden to slash Fossil Fuel Subsidies and Extend Wind, Solar Credits

Oscar Perry Abello: LA Mall Purchase Would Be the Biggest Victory Yet for Community-Driven Development

Until now there was never a project of this scale for community ownership of community spaces for the benefit of community rather than the purpose of making a lot of money

Kevin A. Young: Georgia’s Voter Suppression Is Sparking Boycotts

History Shows They Can Work

Ryan Grim: Republicans Are Poised to Gerrymander Their Way Back to the Majority

But only if Democrats stand aside and let them

Inge Fryklund: The U.S. War on Drugs is Driving the Displacement Crisis

Why are desperate refugees turning up on the U.S. border? Because we have offloaded the costs of the drug war on Latin America

George Monbiot: Sea Change

At last people are waking up to the fishing industry’s devastating impacts

Nicholas Freudenberg: Corporate Versus Public Control of Science And Technology

Are the public health crises of the last decade harbingers of a world doomed to declining human and planetary health or a wakeup call to act now to create a better future?

Jeff Schuhrke: The Movement to End At-Will Employment Is Getting Serious

Unlike much of the world, the U.S. doesn’t ensure “just cause” employment. This coalition in Illinois hopes to change that

Bruce Hartford: Jim Crow Voting Laws — Then and Now

Though the old and new methods and details are different, the political goal remains the same — maintenance of white-supremacy

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