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Brian Tokar: Climate Talks in Madrid: What will it take to prevent climate collapse?

With a new generation of activists in the streets demanding more serious climate action and clamoring for climate justice, we may be seeing the beginnings of a movement that can finally turn things around

Jack Rasmus: Trump vs. Democracy

The correlation between the rise and expansion of Neoliberalism and the decline of democracy in the US is irrefutable

Vijay Prashad: The Oppressive State Is a Macho Rapist

There are a range of reasons why violence against women remains high, and perhaps has inched upwards. These go from entrenched patriarchal ideas to economic vulnerability

Walden Bello: How the Battle of Seattle Made the Truth About Globalization True

Twenty years ago, experts refused to see the truth about the dark side of globalization. Then Seattle happened

David Kotz: Reinforcing the Trade War?

Interview on how the U.S.’s hardened trade stance has nothing to do with human rights, despite new reports of the massive human rights violations of the Uighurs, a Muslim minority in western China

Edward Snowden: Private Truths

If I Came Back to the U.S., I Would Likely Die in Prison for Telling the Truth

Norman Solomon: Kerry’s Endorsement of Biden Fits

Two Deceptive Supporters of the Iraq War

Forrest Hylton: Bolivia’s Coup Government Is a Far-Right Horror Show

The coup-makers that violently deposed Evo Morales last month haven’t even tried to hide their far-right politics. Racist revanchism, backed by Christian fundamentalism, is now the order of the day in Bolivia

Louis Proyect: Michael Bloomberg and Me

Unlike Donald Trump, whose knowledge of how to take advantage of bankruptcy laws surpasses anything he knows about hotel construction, Bloomberg is a representative of the big bourgeoisie, ranked sixth richest in the USA and fourteenth in the world

Richard Greeman: French Unions and Yellow Vests Converge, Launch General Strike

This latest, and most sweeping of Macron’s two years’ string of neo-liberal attacks on social welfare may prove to be the straw that breaks the camel’s back

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