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Tom Wetzel: The Case for Building New Unions

Worker unions are a key working class organization because of the potential power workers gain from collective resistance but also because of the potential role of unions in social transformation

Ben Dangl: The Staggering Cost of the War on Terror

Nearly two decades have passed since 9/11, and the War on Terror appears more like an Endless War

Luke Sinwell: The Spirit of Marikana

The rise of insurgent trade unionism in South Africa — an excerpt

: Some Words on Slavery & Freedom, War & Peace

Some Words on Slavery & Freedom, War & Peace 10 September 2013 Jonathan C. Gillis If since our earliest age we are indoctrinated into a system of totalitarian control, whereby we are inculcated to believe and entrained to accept that every avenue of our existence is regulated to some intermediary or other, it follows that Read more…

Nasir Khan: A Rejoinder to Bury the State’s Blank Check

Prelude to the War of Terror I fully appreciate the concerns of Mr Engelhardt (Engelhardt: Bury the War State's Blank Check at Sea) and agree with him that the attacks of 9/11 were horrific acts. Obviously, in the eyes of the Americans and their friends world-wide the terrorist plot was the work of al-Qaeda and Read more…

Anil Eklavya: The Missing Clause

There is a legal agreement written in very legal language that I had to read today. It’s called Mutual Confidentiality Agreement and is required to be signed by two parties who plan to collaborate on some commercial product or service. After having plodded through the legalese and having understood most of it (I have an Read more…

Deepak Tripathi: Getting Away With Torture – HRW

On July 13, 2011, Press TV's News Analysis program discussed the Human Rights Watch report "Getting Away With Torture." Here is the program with guests Alison Weir (Washington), Deepak Tripathi (London) and Ali al-Nashmi (Baghdad).

: Dressing Like a Terrorist

Like many others, I was dismayed to learn of the two imams wearing traditional Muslim garb who were forcibly removed from an airplane that was to carry them to a conference on Islamophobia. The passengers who were removed from a Delta/ASA flight in Memphis, Masudur Rahman and Mohamed Zaghloul, apparently frightened other passengers and upset one Read more…

Mahir Ali: US Holds Up A Mirror To Muslim Bigotry

IT is almost certainly no coincidence that the recent surge in anti-Muslim sentiment in the United States has occurred during the presidency of Barack Obama. Which is not to suggest that he is in any way to blame for the heightened level of bigotry, but merely to acknowledge that it is intimately related to the Read more…

Melvin A. Goodman: The Self-Inflicted Wounds of 9/11

The attacks on Washington and New York City nine years ago extracted a terrible price in terms of blood and treasure. Unfortunately, the adverse US reaction to 9/11 has also extracted a terrible price with no end in sight. Although al-Qaeda is no longer a sophisticated terrorist organization capable of launching large-scale operations and is Read more…

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