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    Emanuele: Red State Organizing in the Age of Trump

    Reflections on the sort of organizing work I’m currently doing in Northwest Indiana, where I live and work. I hope people will find some of my insights interesting and useful.

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    Daniels: A Third Force

    An independent Third Force must be multifaceted with the capacity to utilize community organizing, campaigns around issues, protests, marches, demonstrations, boycotts, elections and policy advocacy to advance a vision/mission and agenda for transformative change

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    Brecher: Social Self Defense, Part Two

    Social Self-Defense is not an organization—it is a set of practices to be engaged in by myriad organizations, hopefully in close coordination with each other. It draws both on established and newly emerging organizations. The community assemblies in Brooklyn, Los Angeles, Montpelier, and many other locations illustrate how new organizations can arise for Social Self-Defen

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    Barrington-Bush: Solidarity Ecosystems

    Over time, you notice that beneath VIO.ME’s sometimes mundane veneer, a series of radical changes are taking place. These are changes that offer alternatives to how we organize work, community and society at large.

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    Pope-Weidemann: Cities of Sanctuary

    Racial justice activist Marienna Pope-Weidemann speaks to Peter Pedemonti, co-founder...

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