Category: Labor Activism

Dave Kamper: Iowans Stick to the Union

Iowa’s Republican legislative majorities assumed that an aggressive anti-union law would persuade public employees to abandon their unions. Instead they created a backlash

Shaun Richman: Immigrants Turned Wobblies into a Global Force

Wobblies of the World is a valuable contribution to this niche field of labor studies

Miya Tokumitsu: The Fight for Free Time

The demand for fewer working hours is about liberation — both individual and collective

Jane Slaughter: Relieving Racial Resentment in Unions

What can unions do to create the understanding that leads to unity?

Stephanie Basile: Unions Lead in Hurricane Relief

In the aftermath of Hurricane Maria, as Puerto Rico faces government neglect, unions’ relief efforts have been critical

Steve Early: Weinsteins in the Workplace

Will Unions be Part of the Solution Or the Problem?

David Morris: Turning Around Farmworker Exploitation

Worker-managed agreements are finally improving conditions for Florida’s tomato pickers

Jeremy Brecher: The New AFL-CIO Stand on Climate Change

What Does It Mean for Labor and for the Climate?

Arthur Stamoulis: NAFTA Talks: What’s the Deal?

The danger here is that corporate “modernization” proposals that make NAFTA even worse for working people at home and abroad will continue to be agreed to quickly

Samantha Winslow: Public Sector Unions Up the Ante

Locals are building leadership structures inside the workplace that can not only keep member numbers up but also lay the basis for shop floor campaigns—where members act on their own behalf on the job

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