Category: Labor Activism

Jenny Chan: State–labor relations and the emergence of grassroots workers’ organizations in China

Labor organizers coached workers to take individual actions, rather than collective protests, to make their urgent appeals

Joe DeManuelle-Hall: Chicago Amazon Workers Help Win Megacycle Pay Nationwide

AU activists in Chicago plan to keep doing what they’ve been doing: “uniting with our co-workers, identifying the issues that are most popular, and taking action to address them.”

John Tarleton: Barbara Bowen Passes the Torch

The outgoing leader of NYC’s leftmost union local looks back on long struggle to transform CUNY

John Walsh: A National Strike Has Reignited in Colombia

Since April 28, people in Colombia’s cities and towns have engaged in an ongoing national strike, el paro nacional

Sonali Kolhatkar: There Is No Labor Shortage, Only Labor Exploitation

“This moment provides opportunities to raise wage demands, but it must be a moment where workers organize in order to sustain and pursue demands for improvements in their living and working conditions.”

Julia Rock: Hiding The Union Busters

The American Bar Association and corporate interests are trying to block a rule that would expose their anti-labor activities

Robert Pollin: Labor Unions Rally Behind California’s Zero-Emissions Climate Plan

Interview on the climate stabilization project for California and the national implications of union support for a green economy transition

Luis Feliz León: Can a Driver Uprising Make Food Apps Deliver?

“There is no labor movement without organizing the new workforce, which just happens to be immigrant in New York”

Don McIntosh: Union Painters Are Primed for ‘Summer of Chaos’

Thanks to solidarity from other union workers, painters striking for fair pay have shut down jobs two Fridays in a row

Alex King: How Manchester’s bus drivers beat ‘fire and rehire’

After 85 days on strike, Manchester’s bus drivers have forced corporate giant Go Ahead to abandon its plans to fire and rehire almost 500 workers

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