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Ewan Gibbs: Mick Lynch media mania – the appeal of workers’ power

Style backed by serious politics can cut through in a hostile media landscape

Ben Huff: Faculty win union election after 5-year struggle in Santa Clara

Please Help ZNet           Source: Liberation The author is a California Faculty Association (CFA) member at CSU Long Beach On June 21, the adjunct and lecturer faculty at Santa Clara University voted to form a union. Approximately 62% of the 544 non-tenured, tenure track faculty participated in the election with an overwhelming Read more…

Various Contributors: Labor Condemns Supreme Court Decision Overturning Roe v. Wade

Numerous unions condemned the Supreme Court’s decision to end the constitutional right to an abortion

Teddy Ostrow: US workers are pushing unions into the mainstream

After decades in a rut, the US labor movement appears to be reinvigorated

Chris Brooks: Rethinking the Old Organizing Rules

Union leaders need to retool their organizing tactics to fit a moment when workers are leading the way

Erik Ayala: Dallas teachers show up in force to demand fair pay for staff

Unionists and the community showed up to demonstrate that they’re not backing down. The fight is just beginning

Alex N. Press: Kentucky Amazon Workers Are Starting to Organize a Union

Amazon workers across the country have expressed interest in organizing a union

John Logan: Starbucks Is One of the Worst Union Busters in Recent Memory

Starbucks and its union-busting law firm are pulling out all the stops in Seattle in an attempt to destroy the union push that has swept the country

Brittany Scott: The Creative Methods Workers Are Using to Stop Bosses’ Abuse

Why we need to enforce worker protections to build the labor movement we want

Brittany Scott: The Creative Methods Workers Are Using to Stop Bosses’ Abuse

Please Help ZNet           Source: In These Times In the past six months, workers at more than 150 Starbucks locations have successfully unionized, fighting back against unfair labor practices by their employer. And in April, Amazon warehouse workers won a victory against one of the most powerful corporations in the world when Read more…

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