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Carey Dall: Organizing Railroad Track Workers in Yuma last week….

Members of the BMWED, whose monopolistic employers clock billions of dollars in profits per quarter, now pay $228.89 per month in premiums and an Out-Of-Pocket Maximum in hospital bills of $4000 per year

Jared Odessky: Fight for a Green New Deal Can Start with Your Union Contract

American workers may not have a seat at the table in Washington, but unions can take advantage of their seat at the bargaining table now. If they negotiate green new deals at work, we can promote good jobs while averting a climate disaster

Rebekah Barber: The battle to block state preemption of local minimum wage laws

The Fight For $15 movement has won some important victories since it was launched seven years ago. Just last month, the Democratic-controlled U.S. House of Representatives voted to raise the current $7.25 hourly federal minimum wage to $15 an hour by 2025, though the proposal is expected to face resistance in the Republican-controlled Senate. In Read more…

Alexandra Bradbury: Kentucky Miners Camp Out, Block Coal Train, Demand Stolen Wages

The local community has rallied behind the miners. Since the mines closed, neighbors and friends have been donating to help families pay their utility bills. Now people are bringing food and water down to the railroad tracks.

Joe DeManuelle-Hall: ‘We Believe in Ferries’

Alaskan Ferry Workers Walk Off the Job

John Ertl: Bus Drivers Stand Up to Retaliation And Win First Contract

“I can actually live like a human being now. “I don’t have to work 70 hours a week. I don’t have to live with a roommate anymore.”

Michelle Chen: A New Kind of Internationalism

A look at Hong Kong Protesters and Militant Chinese Workers

Daniel Boguslaw: Trumpistas Seek to Deflate Labor’s Friend

The NLRB persists in its fight to outlaw Scabby the Rat, the balloon rodent who helps out workers when they picket their bosses

Erica Emdon: Numsa strike against sexual harassment

A ‘powerful moment in labour history’

Mark Gruenberg: Airline Food Workers Take Struggle Public

Airline food workers took their nationwide struggle against their bosses public with a massive protest Tuesday afternoon that drew almost 1,000 people and virtually filled the old main hall at Washington National Airport

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