Category: Labor Activism

Alexandra Bradbury: Using Grievances to Build the Union

When the boss tries to make an example of someone who stood up for themselves or others, it’s crucial to defend that person

Alexandra Bradbury: Getting People in Motion

The key is collective action

Alexandra Bradbury: Conversations Are the Building Blocks

It’s so important to help people see how powerful they are, to pull that veil back: ‘You can do all of this and more

Dana Frank: The Pitfalls of ‘Buy American’

We need domestic economic development that fosters good jobs without playing into an anti-immigrant framework

Shaun Richman: Make the Road

Our greatest power is still the work we do and our occasional refusal to do it

Samantha Winslow: Winning Equal Pay for Immigrant Nurses

This grievance fight gave union activists a way to get recent hires involved and show them what the union is about

Steve Fraser: Which Way to the Barricades?

What was the mass strike and what would a successful one look like today?

Dan DiMaggio: Toilets Go Mobile at AT&T Mobility

Ever wanted to graffiti your boss a message in the toilet stall? AT&T Mobility workers put their own twist on that idea. They’re bringing the bathroom to the boss—carrying toilet seats to retail stores and call centers to demand that the company stop flushing their sales commissions and incentive pay down the toilet. The 21,000 Read more…

Steve Payne: Twin Cities on May Day

Taking It to the Streets

Sonia Singh: Harvesting Union Rights in the Field

Unlike most guestworkers, many in North Carolina have a say in their working conditions and seniority rights because they belong to a union, the Farm Labor Organizing Committee

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