Category: Labor Activism

Barbara Ehrenreich: Divisions of Labor

New kinds of work require new ideas — and new ways of organizing

Chris Brooks: The Boeing Vote Was Not a Referendum on Organizing the South

The union defeat at a South Carolina Boeing plant was devastating, but it wasn’t inevitable. Labor can still organize the South

Jack Smith IV: Bank workers will protest to form their first US union — and the whole world is watching

Behind the pristine business attire and impeccable offices, banks in the United States have a secret: Their public faces — tellers and salespeople — are harried working-class people

Luke Walsh-Mellet: More Repression, More Fightback! El Salvador’s Labor Movement Defends the Minimum Wage

On January 1, workers in El Salvador won a big increase in the minimum wage—in some cases doubling their pay.

Mario Vasquez: Boeing Workers Face “Constant Barrage of Misinformation” Ahead of Union Vote

Anti-union sentiment runs high in South Carolina, where union membership is just 1.6 percent—the lowest in the nation

Alexandra Bradbury: Staples Removed: How Postal Workers Defeated a Privatization Scheme

The Staples boycott is over, and the union won. The Postal Workers (APWU) announced January 5 that the Postal Service will terminate its deal with Staples, closing down the 540 “mini-post offices” inside stores by the end of February and nixing plans to expand them to all 1,600 locations. The union fought for three years Read more…

Jeremy Brecher: How Labor and Climate United Can Trump Trump

The linked defense of the workers and the climate lie at the core of Social Self-Defense against Trump and Trumpism

Peter Knowlton: Iowa’s New Union-Busting Bill Is Worse Than Wisconsin

Republicans in both houses of the Iowa state legislature have introduced a bill that is aimed at destroying public sector unions and the rights of public employees in that state

Ruth Needleman: Is It Time for the AFL and the CIO to Part Ways Again?

Now more than ever we need a strong united labor movement. We do not, however, have one

Moshe Marvit: Where’s the Best Place to Resist Trump? At Work.

From solidarity strikes to slowdowns and sit-ins, workplace revolt is a key strategy in opposing the new administration

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