Category: Labor Activism

Gillian Russom: Why “blue state” teachers need their own revolt

For the first time, United Teachers Los Angeles is tying our local contract demands to a statewide demand of 20 by 20: funding levels of $20,000 per pupil in California by the year 2020

Ellen David Friedman: What’s Behind the Teachers’ Strikes

When there is no effective access to meaningful channels for change, workers resort naturally to the only power no one can steal from them—the power to withhold their labor

Sarah Jaffe: Laid-Off Workers Demand Severance Pay From Equity Firms

Interview on how leveraged buyout of Toys “R” Us hurt tens of thousands of retail workers and how a new campaign is fighting back to demand justice for these employees

Sue Sturgis: The teacher uprising comes to North Carolina

Rank of the May 16 teacher march in Raleigh, North Carolina, among the capital city’s largest marches ever, part of a recent wave of teacher uprisings that have won policy changes in states including Kentucky and West Virginia: 1

Kim Scipes: No Shortcuts

A review of No Shortcuts: Organizing for Power in the New Gilded Age, by Jane F. McAlevey

David Bacon: How Filipino Migrants Gave the Grape Strike Its Radical Politics

Honoring Larry Itliong and a generation of radicals whose political ideas are as relevant to workers now as they were in 1965

Meghan Brophy: Puerto Rico: The Teacher Uprising the Media Is Ignoring

We are focusing on the shutdown targets to boycott standardized tests. No testing, no scores, no information, no charter

Miles Kampf-Lassin: Sanders’ Plan to Expand Union Rights and Workplace Democracy

As workers are proving across the country, winning a better standard of living is possible, but it can only come about through demanding—and practicing—democracy on the job

Ellen Holmes: Why this N.C. teacher is taking to the streets

We need to treat the whole student

Maresi Starzman: Academic alienation

Freeing cognitive labor from the grip of capitalism

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