Category: Labor Activism

Mike Elk: Justice in the factory

How Black Lives Matter breathed new life into unions

Ana Campoy: New York Teamsters Declares Itself a Sanctuary Union

In addition to refusing to cooperate with federal authorities, the Teamsters are also offering workshops about immigrants’ legal rights, and advice from immigration lawyers

David Bacon: How Unions Help Immigrants Resist Deportations

In California, labor has long protected its immigrant members—and now, it’s defending non-members as well

Bill Parker: Corruption and Collaboration in the UAW

It’s going to take rank-and-file organization to challenge the Administration Caucus

Various Contributors: Thousands of Fast-Food Workers Strike

Protest Nationwide on 50th Anniversary of Historic Memphis Sanitation Walkout

Andrew Tillett-Saks: Stamford Workers Show How to Rebuild the Labor Movement

The lesson from the Stamford hotel workers is that unions must return to their roots as worker organizations — member-run and member-powered

Amy Goodman: Uber and Lyft, Driving Drivers into Poverty and Despair

“I hope with the public sacrifice I make now that some attention to the plight of the drivers and the people will be done to save them and it will have not have been in vain.”

Emiliano Mellino: There’s something dirty about the way we clean

Outsourced cleaners are on the front lines of the battle for workers’ rights

Steven Sherman: How Fight for $15 Took Off

A new book explores faith, immigration and worker power

Cinzia Arruzza: Women’s Strikes a Reminder Women Produce Most Wealth in Society

Today we bring you a conversation with Cinzia Arruzza and Tithi Bhattacharya, two national organizers for the International Women’s Strike. They discuss how the labor movement is inherently connected to the #MeToo movement and how women globally are preparing for another women’s strike on March 8. Let’s talk about the history of women’s strikes, because Read more…

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