Category: Labor Activism

Frank Hammer: Working Class Solidarity is Growing

Marches in Michigan’s mostly white suburbs and small towns in support of the protests against police brutality could have a large impact on the struggle of autoworkers

Mindy Isser: How an Old-School Union Got Behind Socialist Running on GND

Toward the end of his campaign, Nikal Saval was endorsed by Local 98 of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, a powerful union—and machine institution—in Philadelphia politics

Cecily Myart Cruz: “The Union Has to Be About Social Justice”

Interview on why it’s important to get police out of schools and what the labor movement can do about it

Clarence Thomas: Juneteenth 29-Port Shutdown, an Historic Success

Our Juneteenth action was the strongest and most militant demonstration to date in defense of the Port of Oakland. But we will not be fully effective if we don’t run our own candidates to champion this struggle. We have to strike while the iron is hot

Elsa Rodriguez Flores: When workers got sick, we organized our warehouse and won

By winning basic protections against COVID-19 at our Barnes & Noble warehouse, we showed the tremendous power immigrant workers have when they organize

Paul Prescod: Philly Sanitation Workers Rally

Join Demand for PPE, Right to Refuse Dangerous Work

Maria Young: ‘We move forward in our fight’

Local unions march from Oakland to Berkeley in support of Black Lives Matter

Richard D. Wolff: How Workers Can Win the Class War Being Waged Upon Them

We need to recognize the class war that is underway and commit to fighting it

Ralph Nader: From Covid-19 Battle Can Come Citizen Power to Propel “Full Medicare for All”

Americans deserve the same health care coverage enjoyed by people in every other western country

Eleni Schirmer: Jane McAlevey’s Vision for the Future of American Labor

Systematic grassroots organizing is the key to repairing today’s ravaged democracy

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