Category: Labor Activism

John Logan: Amazon Is Paying Consultants Nearly $10,000 a Day to Obstruct Union Drive

Expensive and aggressive corporate anti-union campaigns, such as Amazon’s at Bessemer, are, in the words of Marty Levitt, built on deceit and run by bullies

James Kerr: U.K. Educators’ Safety Struggle Rekindles Collective Workplace Action

The assault on workers’ rights and high-quality public education is an international phenomenon

Maurice Mitchell: Organizing the Multiracial Working Class

If working people fail to see real material distinctions between life under Trump and life under Biden, they’ll look for an alternative to the party in power

Joyce Chediac: 7 lies Amazon tells about the union

On average, union workers earn 27 percent more than nonunion workers

Jake Lindahl: Amazon union struggle takes hold in Southern state with radical labor history

The historic campaign, if successful, could spark a wave of unionization around the country

Rand Wilson: After Seven-Year Battle, Massachusetts Comcast Techs Win First Contract

After voting to form a union seven and a half years ago, Comcast technicians at the Fairhaven, Massachusetts, garage finally have a first contract

Bernie Sanders: Amazon Workers in Alabama Are Fighting for a Union

The fight you are waging will send a message to workers all across the country that if they stand up, stand together, and fight, they can win

Patricia Gorky: McDonald’s spies on employees organizing for a living wage

New reports show that McDonald’s has spied on workers “for years” in their effort to combat the Fight for $15 movement that has been struggling for a living wage for nearly a decade

Steven Greenhouse: ‘We Deserve More’: an Amazon Warehouse’s High-Stakes Union Drive

Workers in Bessemer, Alabama, are pushing for a union – and experts say if they triumph, it could pave the way to organizing fulfillment centers in other states

Nicholas Stender: Chicago Teachers Union’s commitment to democracy pays off

Negotiations with the capitalist class are always incomplete. They are always a compromise. There can be no full victory save through socialist revolution

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