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Alexandra Bradbury: School and Campus Workers Say: Not Until It’s Safe

For those who have defeated unsafe reopenings, the next battle may be against mass layoffs, as in Rochester, New York, and at the University of Massachusetts-Amherst.

Lois Weiner: What Does a “Safe Return” to School Look Like? Ask Teacher Unions.

Powerful elites are willing to sacrifice the lives and futures of millions to feed their own profits. Teachers are fighting back

Jonathan Michels: North Carolina Nurses Seek Their First Union

In the wake of the takeover by the multinational corporation, nurses saw patient care standards and working conditions quickly deteriorate

Barbara Madeloni: New York City Teachers Work Outdoors after a Co-Worker Tests Positive

When New York City educators were supposed to be in their third day of “professional development” held inside school buildings, teachers and other staffers at a Queens middle school, IS 230, took their work outside.

Jeremy Brecher: Workers vs. the Coronavirus Depression

This summer has seen two significant national strike actions–for Black Lives and for safe reopening of schools. These are hardly conventional strikes–indeed, they represent historically unprecedented forms of protest

Matthew Cunningham-Cook: North Carolina Nurses Win Union in Landslide After Bitter Opposition

HCA Healthcare had brought in a phalanx of union-busting firms to intimidate nurses into voting no

Various Contributors: A 10-Point Pledge to Social, Racial and Economic Justice

We will move forward together and we will accept nothing but freedom. We will not take one step back, and we will bring a new day to our beloved country

Indigo Olivier: Meet the Students Trying to Organize the First Campus-Wide Undergraduate Union

Inside the groundbreaking student organizing drive at Kenyon College

Tefere Gebre: On the State of the Unions

The 2020 platform of the Democratic Party is the most pro-labor it has ever been. But the onus is on us [to make sure that] once we get him elected, we don’t get bought off by coffee at the White House

Lynn Adelman: How Workers Can Achieve Real Power

We can build a sectoral bargaining system—and strong, democratic, worker-driven unions—from the ground up.

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