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Sean Crawford: GM Strike Continues for Fourth Week

A UAW union member and truck worker from Flint discuss the challenges of dismantling the two-tiered GM employment system and how workers are holding firm with community support

Russell Weiss-Irwin: How To Pull Off a Quickie Strike

Sometimes there are problems that a dozen co-workers can fix right then and there, with just some solidarity and bravery

Steve Frisque: We’ll Strike “As Long as It Takes”

UAW workers demand higher pay, protection of their healthcare benefits, greater job security and a commitment from GM to build more cars and parts in the United States

Rose Bookbinder: Poultry Workers Organize In Wake of Anti-Immigrant Raids

The return of the workplace raid represents what many immigrant and worker rights organizations have feared would become the new face of enforcement in the Trump presidency

Connor Harney: Southern Worker Strikes Show The Power of Solidarity

In August, 20,000 Communication Workers of America workers from nine southern states walked off the job charging AT&T Southeast with bargaining in bad faith. It was the largest private sector strike in the south in a decade

Jane Slaughter: GM Strikers Hold Firm for Making Temps Permanent

Will a long strike make GM workers even more determined to get a good contract, and thus more willing to vote no? Or will it wear them down?

Mya Shone: “We Are Not Going Anywhere”

GM Workers Fight Back

Suzanne Gordon: Health Care Worker Strikes Have Improved Patient Care

When they do finally go public with their concerns, their actions often result in improvements to patient care

Bob Hennelly: EMS Unions Turn Up Heat

Several hundred members of District Council 37’s Emergency Medical Service Locals 2507 and 3621 were joined on the steps of City Hall by dozens of state and local elected officials at a Sept. 25 rally demanding pay parity with other first-responders

Steve Early: One Member/One Vote

California Health Care Workers Show How To Endorse, Democratically

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