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Casper Gelderblom: This Black Friday, it is time to #MakeAmazonPay

Starting this Black Friday, the Progressive International is mobilizing with Amazon workers and their allies around the world. Here’s why

Jeff Klein: Can We Build a Progressive Future If We Dismiss a Large Part of the Working Class?

It is hard to imagine a stable progressive future for our country with many millions of working-class Americans mobilized in angry opposition

Chuck Collins: Facing Holiday Rush, Frontlines Retail Workers Urge Billionaire Bosses to Share the Wealth

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This essential workforce is hustling to help holiday shoppers while also organizing for hazard pay and other Covid-19 protections

Andrew Moss: Fighting Covid by Empowering Workers

This winter, worker committees, the first in the nation, will come on line in Los Angeles County

Fred Glass: Why Did California’s Tax the Rich Measure Lose?

With the imposition of restrictions on public gathering and face-to-face contact, one of the main tools of labor-community coalitions against big money—grassroots people power—was diminished

Lauren Kaori Gurley: Labor’s Uphill Battle

Enthusiasm for strikes, walkouts, sick-outs, and pickets has surged. A new, progressive wing of the Democratic Party, represented by young women of color like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Ilhan Omar—has won the enthusiasm of millions of young people

Jeff Schuhrke: “We Won’t Let Him”

President Trump has signaled he’s ready to declare victory before all the votes are counted. These unions are saying “hell no”—by planning massive workplace actions

Tim Schermerhorn: The Movement for Black Lives and Labor’s Revival

It’s a huge fight. But it always has been. The Black Lives Matter protests of 2020 give labor activists the opportunity to revive that tradition

David Bacon: Building a Cross-Border Culture of Solidarity

Workers in Mexico and the United States face some of the same challenges–and some of the same employers

Various Contributors: Vermont AFL-CIO To Hold General Strike Authorization Vote In Event Of Political Coup

The Vermont AFL-CIO finds these Trump assertions to be gravely troubling and unprecedented in contemporary U.S. politics

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