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Cal Winslow: The End of the Era: Nineteen Nineteen

The workers’ mood had shifted steadily to the left in the strike wave of the decade just ending, resulting in the growth of class consciousness and little interest in cooperation with employers

Elizabeth King: Green New Deal Supporters Are Showing Up for Workers

As concepts like a just transition and the ideals encapsulated in the Green New Deal gain traction among progressives, labor union and climate organizers are coordinating around their shared goals

James S. Bikales: Harvard’s Graduate Student Union Begins Strike

“As the richest University in the country, Harvard can afford to provide good jobs to all of its workers—jobs that take into account the skyrocketing cost-of-living in Boston and the specific concerns and needs of its employees”

Steve Early: One Member/One Vote: California Health Care Workers Show How To Endorse, Democratically

Members of the National Union of Healthcare Workers (NUHW) at the 2019 Leadership conference, where they debated which presidential candidate to endorse, by Simone Hogan/ At the national, state, and even local level, union political endorsements are often made with insufficient membership involvement. Union leaders and legislative/political directors like to get their favorite candidates endorsed, Read more…

Julia Soul: Teachers and Public Workers in Argentina Strike and Picket

The popular response was immediate. Thirty thousand people marched in Chubut; the teachers’ national union and the teamsters provincial union went on one-day strike September 5 to condemn the attacks.

Joe DeManuelle-Hall: The Hard Fight at Amazon

Concerted, collective action is the way we build power. When Amazon workers somewhere stand up to the boss— especially when they win something concrete—it inspires Amazon workers somewhere else to do the same.

Catherine Wagley: Museum Workers Across the Country Are Unionizing

Here’s What’s Driving a Movement That’s Been Years in the Making

Jeff Schuhrke: Why 15,000 Indiana Teachers Just Walked Off the Job

After making waves in West Virginia, Oklahoma, Arizona, Kentucky, North Carolina and beyond, the Red for Ed movement has now spread to Indiana

Elliot C. Williams: The Metrobus Driver Strike Is Nearing Month Two

A total of 120 union members of the ATU Local 689 have been on strike since October 24 in protest of their work conditions under Transdev

Barbara Madeloni: Fight for Racial Justice Fuels Little Rock Educator Strike Preparations

The site of struggle to defend unions and public education has moved quickly from Chicago to Little Rock

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