Category: Labor Activism

Belle Chesler: Making American Schools Less Great Again

Teachers like me will be stepping out of our classrooms not because we don’t want to teach, but because we do

Michael Arria: Stop & Shop Strike Shows There’s Still Power in Unions

The striking Stop & Shop workers have received solidarity from faith groups, other unions and local lawmakers

Katie Johnston: As Strike Goes on, Impact on Stop & Shop is Increasing

Inside stores, shortages are evident. Meat and produce are rapidly disappearing from shelves, and aren’t being replaced because truck drivers in the Teamsters union are refusing to cross the picket line

Alexia Fernández Campbell: The largest private sector strike in years

More than 30,000 grocery store employees in the northeastern US are refusing to return to work

Jane McAlevey: Why strikes are the only way out of our current crisis

As teachers across the United States have shown recently, mass strikes are the key to winning progressive victories in the Trump era

Jeff Bryant: A Warning to #RedForEd Movement Everywhere

A warning is coming from teachers in Sacramento who are threatening to walk off the job over alleged violations of their collective bargaining agreement with the district

Dan Clawson: Who Controls Our Time?

Everyone wants more say over when and how much they work

Negin Owliaei: It’s Time for $15 and a Union

A minimum wage hike would boost earnings for 40 million workers

Christian Addai-Poku: Education Privatizers Have Gone Global

So Must We If We Want to Stop Them

Peter Rugh: Out of Patience

NYC Nurses Take On Hospitals For Better Staffing

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