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Dan DiMaggio: All Tricks, No Treat in Peeps Candy Strike

After three weeks on strike, the 400 workers who make Mike and Ikes, Hot Tamales, and that Easter basket staple, marshmallow Peeps, were driven back to work September 28—still without a contract

Steve Payne: How Brazilian Bank Workers Learn to Dream Bigger

The bank workers union has developed a weekend training on how members’ workplace fights connect to a bigger picture

Samantha Winslow: Chicago Teachers Avert a Strike by Forcing the Mayor to Dig Deep

These fights are far from over. But it’s a real milestone that the teachers finally forced the city to find money it claimed it didn’t have

Michael Arria: Important Labor Fights Are Going Down at Ivy League Schools

Battles for fair pay and collective bargaining are popping off at the nation’s most elite universities

Various Contributors: Prison Strike’s Financial Impact in California

September 9, 2016 was the start of the largest prison strike in U.S. history. Over 72,000 incarcerated workers in 22 states refused to provide their labor to profit the prison industrial complex. California forces 5,588 incarcerated workers to labor in exchange for little or no compensation. Another 4,000 earn $2 a day fighting Californian wildfires Read more…

Samantha Winslow: How D.C. Drivers Put the Brakes on Unsafe Buses

“If the whole point is just to save money, we are endangering the lives of the passengers and drivers,” said Battle-Mason. “Why are we doing it?”

Samantha Winslow: Dining Workers Strike at Harvard, World’s Richest University

On October 5, instead of setting up breakfast for thousands of college students, 700 cafeteria workers at the richest university in the world kicked off their first strike in three decades.

Melanie Barron: Campus Workers Unmask Scheme To Privatize All Tennessee Property

If this plan goes through, it would set an awful precedent for other states—and even for federal policy

Stephen Greenhouse: Honeywell Workers Say Lockout Aims to Destroy Union: ‘It’s Corporate Greed’

The company has embraced a weapon that has grown increasingly popular across corporate America: locking out workers to throw the union on the defensive

Cal Winslow: Life and Death in Health Care’s Trenches

Nursing Homes and Unions

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