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Luis Feliz León: Washington Carpenter Revolt Swells Picket Lines

Five jobs were picketed, including construction projects at Facebook’s Building X, the Microsoft’s Campus in Redmond, and Alphabet’s Google

Candice Bernd: Canadian Amazon Warehouse Could Soon Be First to Unionize in North America

“It’s being seen as a PR move to make [Amazon] look good, to basically increase wages on one hand and slash bonuses on the other.”

Matt Aubrey: No justice? No bourbon

Distillery workers in Kentucky go on strike

Roberta Wood: Striking cookie workers refuse to crumble

“The company just refuses to hire more workers. “They’d rather work us to death than pay the benefits for more employees.”

Saurav Sarkar: Hotels Don’t Waste a Crisis

UNITE HERE says that 98 percent of its members—who are overwhelmingly women and people of color—were out of work at the height of the pandemic. Seventy percent remain unemployed today.

Jonah Furman: Ten Thousand UAW Members Gear Up for a Strike Vote at John Deere

“It depends on what flavor of corporate media you’re watching. I will tell you, the one commonality that we all share is everybody’s sick of Deere and sick of the [UAW] International and ready to stick it to them.”

Derek Seidman: Workers in Buffalo May Become the First to Unionize a Starbucks Store

“They call us partners, and tell us that we’re partners. But there’s no equality, so there’s no true partnership.”

Steve Early: Amid Give-Back Demands: Workers Can Still Safeguard Pensions 

A look at The Labor Guide to Retirement Plans (Monthly Review Press), a newly published book by Oregon union activist JIm Russell

Lois Weiner: Let’s Support Member-Driven Unions That Fight Against Oppression

Movements fighting for social justice need a massively reinvigorated labor movement, just as much as labor unions need social movements

The Movement for Black Lives: We Demand Bold Action for All Working People

The capitalist system doesn’t just drive wealth inequality—it is designed to exploit and undermine the working class and to protect the power and economic interests of the wealthy

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