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Jeremy Brecher: How Workers Can Help Defeat a Trump Coup

If the demands of the movement are clear and unambiguous, everyone should be able to tell whether they have been met and there will be no opportunity for leadership sellout. Democracy is not negotiable

Nicole Gaudiano: New Teachers Union Leader Fighting Trump, School Reopening Battles

As president, Becky Pringle said her mission is to “lead a movement to reclaim public education as a common good.” She wants to transform the system into one that is racially and socially just and equitable.

Hamilton Nolan: A Bunch of Union Organizers Explain What’s Wrong with Unions

We asked the real experts about the gap between public enthusiasm for unions and the lack of actual union members

Barbara Madeloni: Unions Are Beginning to Talk About Staving Off a Possible Coup

“Unions should be at the front lines in defense of American democracy and should be prepared to take decisive action if our democratic traditions are threatened.”

Michelle Chen: Meet the Warehouse Worker Who Took On Amazon Over Inhumane Conditions

Hibaq Mohamed organized her community in a fight against Amazon, protesting working conditions at a fulfillment center with one of the highest rates of injury

Sarah Anderson: Farmers and Meatpackers Are Teaming Up

During the pandemic and recession, farmers are realizing they have more in common with immigrant meatpackers than agribusiness CEOs

Michelle Chen: This Amazon Grocery Runner Has Risked Her Job to Fight for Better Safety Measures

Courtenay Brown knows she could be on the streets if she loses her job at an Amazon Fresh unit. She’s speaking out about scant Covid-19 safety measures and lack of workplace benefits anyway

Bianca Cunningham: Understaffed and Unsafe, Bay Area Hospital Workers Strike

SEIU members will be joined on strike by 300 RNs in the California Nurses Association in an economic strike and by a small unit of Longshore and Warehouse Union (ILWU) radiology techs in AHS who called a sympathy strike.

Will Blum: Pandemic Spurs Nashville Restaurant Workers to Organize

Restaurant workers in Nashville are experimenting with new forms of organizing in response to years of management abuse and the new threat of COVID-19

Keith Brower Brown: East Bay Health Care Workers Strike Forces County to Disband the Boss

On day two of their five-day strike, Alameda Health System workers in California’s East Bay won a landmark victory

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