Category: Labor Activism

Alan Maass: Will Chicago educators teach another lesson about solidarity?

All this is building toward a strike authorization vote in September if the city fails to meet the teachers’ demands. A walkout could take place by late September

Finn Collom: This Labor Day, We Need Real Plans to Build Worker Power

It’s time this country had a real conversation about building power for the working class.

Christine Owens: Democracy Needs Unions

When workers don’t have a voice in their workplace, they eventually lose their voice at the ballot box, too

Rebecca Burns: 5 Reasons for Workers to Celebrate This Labor Day

With approval of unions at a 15-year high, and a wave of labor militancy on the rise, working people have plenty to celebrate

Finn Collom: We Need Real Plans to Build Worker Power

Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders have far-reaching proposals to give workers something even more important than money: power

Saurav Sarkar: Fifty Years after Stonewall

LGBTQ Workers Seek Equality

Cal Winslow: A Brief History of Harlan County, USA

There is a spirit that lives in Harlan, along with the ghosts of battles past

Lauren Kaori Gurley: Workers Seize Shipyard That Built Titanic

Plan to Make Renewable Energy There

Carey Dall: Organizing Railroad Track Workers in Yuma last week….

Members of the BMWED, whose monopolistic employers clock billions of dollars in profits per quarter, now pay $228.89 per month in premiums and an Out-Of-Pocket Maximum in hospital bills of $4000 per year

Jared Odessky: Fight for a Green New Deal Can Start with Your Union Contract

American workers may not have a seat at the table in Washington, but unions can take advantage of their seat at the bargaining table now. If they negotiate green new deals at work, we can promote good jobs while averting a climate disaster

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