Category: Labor Activism

Michael Sainato: ‘Death of 1,000 Cuts’: Kellogg’s Workers on Why They’re Striking

Union took issue with company’s threats to outsource jobs from the US to Mexico if workers refuse to accept their proposals

Indigo Olivier: Teamster Rank-and-File Reformers Are Making a Bid for Union Leadership

At the recent Teamsters for a Democratic Union convention, nearly 400 rank-and-file Teamsters convened to discuss taking power in their union and organizing Amazon

Luis Feliz León: Workers Have Leverage. It’s Time to Use It

Now’s the time to turn up the heat, take risks, and refuse to settle for less. It’s an opportunity that won’t last forever

Joe Tache: MIT graduate student workers launch unionization campaign

Graduate student workers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology publicly announced their efforts to organize a union on Monday, Sept 27

Julia Conley: ‘Milestone Moment’ for Labor as 98% of Major TV-Film Union Votes to Strike

“Exactly the kind of mass-movement organizing we need right now,” said Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of the move by IATSE members

Michael Sainato: Wave of US Labor Unrest Could See Tens of Thousands on Strike Within Weeks

“I go to bed the night before work and I’m a bundle of nerves, because I don’t know where they’re going to put me or what my work conditions are going to be.”

Jonah Furman: Auto Workers to Vote on Direct Elections for Officers

“If we want a union that’s willing to take on the company, we’re going to have to change course, change leadership—and that’s not likely to happen without one member, one vote.”

Michael Sainato: Labor and environmentalist movements team up and win big in Illinois

A landmark bill in Illinois will expand decarbonization efforts across the state while providing equitable job opportunities, training, and labor standards for workers

Hamilton Nolan: The Mind-Blowing Political Potential of a College Football Players Union

Old white Republicans may hold all political power down South, but they can’t play linebacker. You got ​‘em in a corner. Don’t just make them pay you with money. Make them pay you with justice

Stephen Franklin: Nabisco Workers’ 5-Week Strike Won by Shutting Down Business as Usual

A beaten-down workforce took on a powerful company—and won

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