Category: Labor Activism

David Levin: The Teamster Revolt Against the Hoffa Era

Rank-and-file activists are mobilizing against contract concessions, taking over local unions, and building a coalition to transform the union

Barbara Madeloni: Strikes Are Hard Work

A national strike will involve a protracted struggle. It will take serious preparation. It will take serious power. It’s something to build towards—one step at a time

Mindy Isser: Climate Activists Can’t Afford to Ignore Labor

A Shuttered Refinery in Philly Shows Why

Gabrielle (Gay) Semel: Can Workers Still Use the National Labor Relations Board?

Trump’s appointees to the NLRB are eroding the very rights the agency is charged with protecting. Their template for action is not the goals set forth in the Act, but the wish list of the Chamber of Commerce

Keith D. Brown, Ismael Armendariz, Chaz Garcia: How We Organized The Oakland Teachers Strike

We organized a seven-day strike last February and March that united 3,000 Oakland public school educators with parents and community against a billionaire-backed school board

France 24: Crowdfunding and solidarity

How French rail workers sustain a record-long strike

Nick Licata: This Year The Minimum Wage Can be Raised In The Majority Of States

Guaranteed higher wages was a result of citizens working in their communities to make local governments accountable to them

Eric Coles: ‘Harvard has the money to pay us livable wages’

Harvard graduate students are on strike demanding fairer wages, adequate healthcare, and protections from discrimination

Glenn Perusek: Strategy, Tactic, and Organizing

Understanding the difference between strategy and tactics

U.S. Labor Against the War: US Labor Says: No War on Iran! US Out of Iraq!

War is an issue for the US labor movement, and we must speak out against further entrenchment of US troops in the Middle East

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